Unprepared & Inexperienced: Joe Kennedy III, ‘Bin Laden Killed by Drone’

Now that we’ve heard the foreign policy positions of the presidential candidates, it’s time to review the same prowess, or lack thereof, of those seeking office for the House of Representatives. Joe Kennedy III is running against Marine, Sean Bielat to replace Barney Frank in the Massachusetts District 4 race, and recently raised eyebrows when he showed how dangerous his inexperience & ignorance can be relative foreign policy.

Debates are as much a part of the political season as the dreaded office Christmas party is to the holidays, and keeping the attention of those in attendance can be a challenge: “Hmmm, that reminds me. I need to remember to pick up some toilet paper.”

This may be why Joe Kennedy III’s foreign policy gaffe at the Wellesley College debate, sponsored by the League of Women Voters, went largely unnoticed.

The question—which referenced President Obama’s drone strikes—was whether or not Kennedy believes Congress should “take back its responsibility to consent to war.”

While fumbling around for an answer, Kennedy stated,

I support the president’s drone initiatives. I’m a supporter of certainly the drone strike that the President launched which ended up killing Osama Bin Laden

This version of events surrounding Bin Laden’s death would certainly surprise Navy SeAL Team 6, whom were never acknowledged in Kennedy’s response.

It’s bad enough that Joe “The Gaffemaster” Biden compromised the safety of the members of SeAL Team 6 by revealing their identity as the unit responsible for taking out Bin Laden, but at least he did so trying to give them credit.

The president has campaigned on the notion that HE- himself – killed Bin Laden, when all he really did was to get out of the way. And it’s interesting to note that while Obama was  basking in the glow of the Bin Laden kill at the Florida debate, the rightful credit to SeAL Team 6 never crossed his lips, either.

Joe Kennedy III gladly carries the water for Obama by furthering that political claptrap. Maybe someone should quiz Kennedy as to who is responsible for actually delivering the death blow to Osama Bin Laden. By the way, “I, um, uh” is not an acceptable answer.

We are living in perilous times and someone who is so woefully uninformed has no business holding a seat in Congress.

The race for MA-4 is not only a referendum on the candidates, but also on the voters. Joe Kennedy III is insulting the citizens of the district by expecting to win that seat no matter what kind of nonsense he puts forth.

Whether it be calling for an end to cheap oil, claiming that Tel Aviv is the capital of Jerusalem, or attributing the death of Osama Bin Laden to a drone strike—the voters must hold Kennedy accountable for such absurdity or they will accept being devalued by a sense of political entitlement, and political power—not based on the foreign policy of JFK, but based on the name alone.



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