Conservative Vs Progressive: Freedom or Socialism?

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Last Thursday, Ken Cuccinelli and Terry McAuliffe squared off in their final debate live from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. The debate was lived streamed by WDBJ7 news from Virginia Tech’s Haymarket Theatre.

The candidates began with opening statements and quickly moved into the economy. The first issue that the gubernatorial candidates sparred over was the ability of government to raise revenue (taxes) under each candidate’s leadership. The choice for Virginians is clear. Whether to rely on growth in the private-market and thus more revenue, as best represented by Ken Cuccinelli. Or whether to rely on a socialized, Government-economy with no plan for revenue as proposed by Terry McAuliffe.

KCLike Ronald Reagan & Tip O’Neil, or Newt Gingrich & Bill Clinton, Ken Cuccinelli proposes to raise revenue by simplifying & leveling the tax code, and then closing crony deductions & loopholes. On the other hand, Terry McAuliffe relies on growing a socialized “government economy.” It’s his answer for everything: “just depend on government.” How does he propose to pay for all the new government-salaries and the new government-programs of his new socialized-economy? McAuliffe will simply fund his style of government-economy by force and coercion, at the expense of  Virginia taxpayers.

McAuliffe proposed a “self-imposed County tax,” but knowing there is no way County Executives would ever raise taxes on their own, McAuliffe’s idea for new revenue would have to come from somewhere else to fund his government-economy.

When government promises to grow itself, it usually means higher taxes on business, higher taxes on labor and higher taxes on citizens. And the more government grows, the less freedom there will be for citizens. After all, government programs come with government rules that regulate your life, that regulate your business and regulate your behavior.

A question was then posed about the second amendment, and gun control laws.

It was a poignant moment from the forum at Virginia Tech, who suffered great losses in 2007 when radical gunman Seung-Hui Cho killed thirty-two and injured seventeen more. Cho carried out his attack after writing a hate letter to then President George W. Bush.

Violent-DemocratsAnswering first and with a level head, Ken Cuccinelli proposed to get to the root problem of neglected mental health issues before more attacks occur. Certainly, radical gunman Jared Loughner raised red flags while attending college in Arizona. No one did anything and the lack of reports left six dead & twelve wounded, including Gabrielle Gifford. Of course, careless political rhetoric, like that of Alan Grayson & not unlike Terry McAuliffe’s inflammatory language, does not help the matter. Democrats recent language only serves to incite an already restless nation. Just consider the threat from Rep Kanjorski (D-PA) who publicly said, “Florida Governor Rick Scott should be shot.” Yet Democrat leadership never even held Kanjorski to account.

Without hesitation, McAuliffe agreed with Ken Cuccinelli but then said he would not support arming teachers at will after rigid training. The problem with only offering “armed guards” in our schools is that an assailant would already know who is armed. An attacker would already know the armed guard’s schedule and location. The gunman would know who to avoid, and how to avoid them. Children would still be left vulnerable to attack under McAuliffe.

We The People feature picLet the Children Live and Veterans Work is a Newtown solution that would greatly minimize mass shootings in public schools by recruiting recent veterans to teach. They could certainly help train the other teachers, and who better to handle a gunman trying to kill innocent children in public schools? If officials would rely more on the second amendment instead of running away from the natural right to self-defense, citizens would indeed be a lot more safe. Disarming law-abiding citizens does not protect them from criminals. By definition, criminals do not follow laws anyhow. In essence, McAuliffe would prefer a social worker decide who the second amendment applies to and who it does not. This type of thinking only leaves the innocent more vulnerable to attack and harm.

The issue then moved onto Obamacare.

The Patient *Protection & *Affordable Care Act has resulted in a MASSIVE cut in jobs (Business Investors), has led to SOARING health care premiums (CNN),  and is crushing people with SKYROCKETING deductibles ( Obamacare also asserts inequitable exemptions for government & business only. The exemptions are not for US citizens, not for Labor, and nor are they for churches. Is this equal treatment under the law? Hardly.

If you are young and prefer not to purchase health care, too bad. You are not exempt. Where you used to spend nothing, you will now be forced to pay between $100 & $300 dollars per month. Your health care cost is skyrocketing. If you are a bit older and a journeyman, your health care cost has already sharply increased. That is, only if you still have gainful employment.

Many employers have elected to cut work to part-time only, or remain under the 50 employee-threshold to avoid the crushing cost of Obamacare.

McAuliffe-Hillary-ObamacareFor a guy who brags that he faithfully represents Labor Unions (which only account for 12% of the population) Terry McAuliffe sure didn’t mention Obamacare’s 40% Excise Tax on Labor’s health care plans.  Section 9001 of the PPACA shows the 40% excise-tax, yet McAuliffe remains deaf, dumb and blind to it.

For a guy who insults others & falsely claims they are asserting government choice over the people, McAuliffe remains a staunch supporter of Obamacare, which is nothing more than the government asserting its choice over the people.

Not only did Obamacare fail to include mammograms for women over forty, but under Obamacare, the FDA banned the Breast Cancer medication, Avastin. The highly effective breast cancer medication “costs too much” under the PP-ACA. Obamacare cannot afford to protect its patients, which is why Obamacare cut $500 billion dollars from Medicare. Cutting care for the Greatest Generation has a direct and negative impact on all “elderly women.”

McAuliffe, Hillary & Obama “care for women” so much that they are weak on violent criminals, and even weaker when protecting public school children from sex-offenders. The National Education Association (NEA), who McAuliffe proudly boasts support him so earnestly,  just opposed a bill that would outlaw known sexual-predators from school grounds. Why? Because public school teachers are those most guilty of sexual abuse against public school students.

Under the legal-aid of the NEA, public school teachers have perpetrated one hundred times the amount of child sexual abuse than any other institution in America.

hillary clinton

USA Today, CBS News, The Dallas Star and many other countless reports have been filed. Yet, now Democrats boast about “public teacher support,” even as the NEA is protecting predators.

A report by the Department of Education reveals an estimated 10% of all public school children will fall victim to sexual abuse by public school teachers. Ten Percent of all children attending public schools in America is 4 to 5 MILLION.

Democrats are so pro-woman that they support and fund the same countries carrying out a literal War on Women. Pakistan, Egypt, and Syria all receive US taxpayer money, and each are slaughtering women & little girls, whose only crime is simply going to school. Democrats are so pro-woman that they have ensured women make less money and have less employment, especially since the advent of Obamacare.

In short, Obamacare has left women with no choice, less care, less employment and higher cost.

It is such a taxpayer-funded fraud, and doing so badly with its shutdown $400 million-website, even OPRAH says “NO to Obamacare.”

Terry McAuliffeWhile he proudly professes to be “an Irish Catholic,” Terry McAuliffe has no issue using government-force, making all Christians pay for things that contradict their freedom and their faith. Hypocritically, McAulife has no interest in resolving the issue. Instead, social-division only benefits McAuliffe & other selfish-politicians similar to him. Like in the past, Democrats still alienate others and now they disenfranchise people just to win an election. With no regard for the impact on our freedom and equality, it is McAuliffe’s perverse idea to only discriminate against some while at great expense to all others. By no means does McAuliffe represent equality & equal treatment under the law. He openly pines for Obamacare and its inequitable exemption for government & business, but for no one else. This violates the freedom guaranteed us in the Constitution, and leaves many without the same critical choice afforded others.

“To  tax a people for things they disbelieve in is both sinful and abhorrent,” Thomas Jefferson (author of  our Unalienable Rights found in the Declaration of INdependence.)

McAuliffe doesn’t want people to remain free and independent. He wants to limit the people’s capacity for self-government by forcing citizens to follow a government prerogative. To follow government’s choice for them. To enroll in a shutdown government website. To take the government’s perverted idea of “care.”  To follow the socialized government-economy.

One just need read Section 3403(b) of Obamacare: “The Medical Advisory Board has the goal to reduce the per capita rate of growth in Medicare spending.” Instead of relying on the commerce clause and interstate-competition, increasing supply of health insurance in each state & thus lowering cost, McAuliffe puts his full faith & your full-credit into government. As more and more baby-boomers retire, there will be less & less money per individual. The result is less care for you, which equates to nothing but a shorter lifespan.

You have no choice.

It doesn’t take rocket-science to know that Obamacare has no place in making choices for you, especially affecting your very life. People have an unalienable, unbreakable right to life per the Charters of Liberty, which were authored in Virginia. Neither the government nor anyone else has a right to your life.

Frederick Douglass RepublicansAn awful lot of strings come attached with McAuliffe’s government money. As the author of Frederick Douglass Republicans, K Carl Smith often notes, “Government is only interested in growing more slaves. Government gives people slave health-care. They collect slaves taxes. They distribute slave checks. There is nothing about freedom for the people when government coerces mothers to live separate from their husbands to get more money from the slave welfare system. In the end, government is only growing more dependent people.” (You can listen to our interview here or below the debate videos on this page).

McAuliffe can be heard more than once pining for Medicaid expansion. “It will raise new government jobs,” crows McAuliffe. He doesn’t say who will pay the new government-salaries. “We need to greatly expand Medicare,” sings McAuliffe. He doesn’t tell you that expanding Medicaid is unavoidable. After Obamacare is done, insurance companies won’t be able to compete with government, and Medicaid will be the only thing left. Period.

It will be government-care for everyone and people will have no choice.

The government has already made its choice for you. It involves more government, higher taxes, greater health care cost, all while you get less care, less private sector growth, less take home pay and less  freedom for you.

When the answers are always “more government jobs, more government tax and more government health care,” the result is always less freedom (government makes the rules), less choice (socialized health care distributes less care, instead of offering better quality) and less care (not covering mammograms & banning Avastin for breast cancer).

What McAuliffe didn’t talk about was the Obamacare’s subprime connection between himself, the Clintons, Barack Obama and Real Estate Convict, Tony Rezko.

Below is the debate, and underneath it are clear examples of the Virginia Tech moderator catching McAuliffe dodging her direct questions while misleading the crowd and misleading fellow Virginians. He was asked how he planned on paying for the sharp increase in government jobs (a benchmark of socialism) and McAuliffe had no response. In an earlier debate, he was practically laughed off stage for suggesting self-imposed County taxes.


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