Anti-Catholic Persecution & Oppression

“When great forces are on the move in world, we learn we are spirits, not animals,” Ronald Reagan. Why should Catholics be forced to concede the equal right to life, in any case? If we limit the right to life based on age, size or social circumstance, then the right to life can be limited on everyone.
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Under Gov-Mitt Romney, Catholic Charities in Massachusetts was sued and FORCED to no longer offer adoption services. The inflammatory language and clear bigotry is noted, NPR:

“After a legislative struggle — during which the Senate president said he could not support a bill ‘condoning discrimination’ (unless bigotry) — Catholic Charities pulled out of the adoption business in 2006.”

Talk about hypocrisy run wild, as 1st Amendment rights are trampled upon because Christian religions do not offer adoption to gay couples—who, in accordance with “the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God” can NOT have children here  The gay couple chose to adopt from a religion that defines marriage between a man & a woman, which “no man shall tear asunder.”

Since their choice was denied, the two sued the religion. And your religion will be next.

Governor Romney legalized “gay matrimony,” despite religious freedom & then placed 2 liberal judges on the Supreme Court. Since the case was filed in 2006, Catholic Charities has closed its doors in Massachusetts. But fear not. Your religion will only be the next one targeted by the radical left.

How consistent America, and how bigoted the oppression can be. Maybe the left would like to follow their own rule of “NO HATE” one of these Centuries.

Is it “religion” that is forcing its right to free-practice, guaranteed in the 1st Amendment, over homosexuals; or is it selfish people using the government to force their anti-religious behavior over “We the People?” Rush really is right, and outted the homosexual agenda in his book, “The Way Things Ought To Be.”

Pro Life Tea

The First Amendment is clear because of the 15th & 17th Centuries. Governments cannot rule over religion & marriage is a religious rite (Holy Matrimony).

The Separation Clause works both ways, dear lefties.

So, the obvious answer is to remove government from the position of violating religions & religious rites; which includes de-funding abortion; and mandating, taxing, approving & ruling over marriage. OR stand idly by and enjoy the law suits as more and more religions are sued; so that homosexuals can “marry” (a sacred & biblical rite) in your church, take your kids, all while lawyers of the bar association get rich & contribute to Democrats.

It’s a vicious cycle & needs to end before more souls are lost, because “human value” is not judged based on money, Mr. Marx.

Ronald Reagan:

“When great forces are on the move in world, we learn we are spirits—not animals.”

There are other common sense ways to hand-out tax credits for raising children, and as any Air Traffic Controller knows, you can only land one aircraft at a time. It only makes sense to separate & prioritze bills, instead of the same ole pile-on game that Congress uses to exact themselves pork and pet-projects, leading to more corruption, more debt on the people & less representation.

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Romney is not the only one who cast a mandated shadow over Christians; Santorum voted for State mandates 3 times in 1996 & is what Red State calls a “Big Government Conservative” (fiscal moderate) here  Finally, Ann Coulter chairs Go Proud here Matt Drudge is member here He and Media Matters, David Brock’s quiet past gives way to their clear bias.

More will be shared in the near future about the best kept secret in the United States of America: Religious Oppression: a history of religious slavery in America (embeded below).


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