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A clear approach to solving the dilemma of illegal immigration in America began circulating in 2007, called “The Ellis Island Approach.” And after having shared the same with Senator John McCain, Congressman Eric Cantor, Fox News & others, one could only hope that the complete approach be shared, so as to secure our border, end a great oppression poisoning America & stealing away our God given right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. And the time to disclose a bigger picture is now, starting with the history.

Most recently, Conservative Report published two articles about America and immigration.

The article by Mike Madden is in regards to an amended version  of a common sense approach being  proposed by Senators Marco Rubio, John McCain, Jeffery Flake and others. The non-partisan team is being referred to as the “Gang of Eight,” even though some ignorantly skewer the proposal, dubbing the group “Gang’green.” According to the Irish heritage, the color green means Catholic. It does not mean “renewable energy”, a vehicle used to propel the economic failure of redistribution of wealth, and to further drive a “free-market” toward economic demise. I say ignorant for a reason. Their plan is toward the right direction, but does nothing to ensure border security, does nothing to prevent lawlessness, does nothing to educate our friends about independence, and only continues the malice of government controlled,”social engineering.”

Educating us regarding the history of immigration, Chip Jones published an article about the history of Ellis Island & the ethnic bigotry result of welcoming a people who were also once oppressed to America. Mr. Jones correctly points out the term “GINY WOP” or “Going Into New York With Out Papers.” Another slang-term used by some Americans to describe Catholics is, “WOP.” As an American of Irish, Italian & Scottish descent, I have no problem with the term & want to thank Chip for having the bravery to remind others as to the history of America.  It has been awhile my friend, and I now feel a moral obligation to–as Paul Harvey might say–tell “the rest of the story.”

Harper's Weekly: Early 1900s, Wilson, Sanger & Planned Parenthood

America’s complete history regarding immigration & religious liberty must be fully understood in order to actualize Independence for an oppressed people once again. America is founded on “Unalienable Rights” endowed us by God, found in both the Declaration of Independence & Bill of Rights (the 1st Ten Amendments are granted by God).

Abraham Lincoln stated, “shall we preserve liberty for the latest generation,” or fall silently to the false alloy of hypocrisy and its tyranny. We are not free, but by the grace of God & like then, Conservatives must rise to the challenge and re-establish our Unalienable Rights. We must STAND together, or surely our liberty will be lost, fallen to a larger threat facing America—one that is anti-religion with a stated goal of complete Governmental authority over its people.

Realizing the best way to help others understand the motivation driving a wedge to the illegal immigration issue of today & the same issue of our past, is to consider what the two have in common: their creed or religion, as stated by the government’s equal employment opportunity act of 1964. Note: race, color, religion, national origin, gender are potential examples of discrimination. Discrimination based on “race” and “color” are not the same thing. Racism & bigotry cross the line between people of color, their origin & religion.

Latinos are, by & large, Roman Catholic & Catholics are not socialists, by any name or standard. The Vatican does promote “social justice”, but only via charity, and never does anyone witness the hypocritical-left promote no taxes, only charity.

Furthermore, the Catechism openly refutes socialism, communism & atheism; yet no one ever hears the hypocritical left corrected about misleading the population about this fact. As we know, charity is given of free-will, and the glory goes to God. If government taxes the people to do charitable works for them, then the government would re-define charity & hence, redefine religion. All religions, not just one or another. Ultimately, the Government would then redefine free-will, as endowed us by God.

1 Teresa and reagan thumbThe practice of governmental officials calling taxes, “social justice” is just another way to use our moral obligation to care for one another, in order to further divide a people (by wealth, or any other means), and to further oppress our individual freedom. Most understand that there must be a solution toward ending the religious oppression in America, especially the so-called “racism” toward Latin Americans, which is not founded on race–at least not for most decent Americans. There is also a far bigger issue at stake in America, and religious oppression has existed in America since its the Founding, and still exists today.

Pundits have thrown about the term, “entitlement society” regarding immigration to ward off any reasonable debate meant to resolve the issue facing America & without resolution, the problem will only continue to escalate. Some malign the word entitlement, as if the only thing worth fighting for were monetary. People enjoy their freedom for a far larger reason than money or their own self-interest. ALL humans are entitled by God to be free with the “Unalienable Right To Life, Liberty & Pursuit of Happiness”, and of this subject, no government has the power to claim domain.

According to far left Democrats, Republicans do not favor a comprehensive approach to solving the illegal immigration issue, “because they are all racist.” Their far left projection of guilt, and the faulty proclamation put forth by the same Democrat party of slavery, who blocked Republican led civil rights for more than a century must be corrected—despite anyone’s anger or despair.

irish ape 1882

The Progressives of the early 20th Century found a catalyst to practice their bigotry by “using science” and calling their clear bigotry, “scientific racism.” The same hate was promoted by the “evolutionist,” Charles Darwin, and by Progressive President, Woodrow Wilson who acted on it in 1913. Under Wilson, the Democrats found solace for their bigotry toward a God fearing people while attempting to “scientifically prove” that Irish Catholics were inferior & animal like. What a lovely picture, is it not? Very telling to the lengths Democrats will go to demoralize a particular religion.

Yielding to any type of oppression outlined in the Bill of Rights is Un-American, and the Republicans must remember the reason for their very founding is to oppose tyranny, not to ignore it, and now, they must win the fight to end religious oppression. Catholics in America have been maligned for a very long time, and it is time for that practice to come to an end.

In fact, the party of Lincoln must stand their ground respecting their rightful place in history to ensure God given rights remain intact.

When the far left uses the socialist meme meant to divide a nation, that “all white people are racist,” and Republicans do not offer clarification or correction, it is offensive to those of us “white people,” who have suffered in America due to racism & bigotry (defined as a group of people from a particular place) & ‘religious bigotry.” Certainly, most Americans found their way to this country because of religious oppression, whether the Puritan, the Protestant, the Hebrew, or the Catholic—religious intolerance is the main reason most of us are in America.

Standing on our unalienable rights is not “anti-government”, it is a moral obligation. Yielding to government rules and regulations impacting our God given rights is exactly what a big government would want for itself, as put by Darrell Issa during the Oversight Committee for Religious Freedom. And Catholics of every color have the same thing in common, we have been and are still being oppressed by an unwelcoming big government, who are now trying to strip our unabridged right to practice our own religion & leave us as a re-defined organization to their own selfish end of more money, more socialism and more government authority.

Pardoning intolerance is to promote tyranny, because in America, we don’t “tolerate” other humans. “Tolerance” is based on “hate.” We accept one and another’s right to practice our own religion as stated in the unbreakable 1st amendment, and do so with inherent rights granted by God, that no one has the right to kill a human, nor to take their liberty away, nor pursuit of happiness. The pressing issue of the day is regarding “illegal immigration” and mostly having to do with Latin Americans, or Hispanics who feel they have no voice. Does this ring a bell? “Illegal Immigrants” are indentured servants, working “under the table” for far less wages than any of us earn, they pay sales tax & yet, they have no representation and feel as though they have no voice at all? Well, they do now.

Reflecting on our history always helps provide the clearest solution for our essential liberty.

Obligation calls us to remember our past.

Extending from 1641 through 1860, Irish Catholics were brought to America aboard slave ships, and most of them do not know this most basic & simple fact. Furthermore, Catholicism was outlawed in America prior to its great awakening and founding of America in 1789. Understanding our Protestant brothers & sisters had good reason for protesting the Catholic faith & retain the right to do so—unabridged—the Reformation was as equally as brutal as the Inquisition: beheadings in England because those people were Catholic, banishment from England because those people were Catholic—Wales, Scotland & then Ireland all sacked and laid to waste by genocide, because those countries were Catholic, and even though some of us never converted, it all culminated with Irish Catholic slavery in America, because those people were Catholic.

Learning that most people came to America for religious freedom, should provide a clear reason to stand together when God given rights are being abridged.

Is succumbing to religious oppression something people of religious conviction do? No, not now, not ever.

For me it is pretty simple, people were then, and are now being enslaved (or forced to work under the table) because of their religion. Prior to the founding, the King of England was not just revolted against because of taxes (or money), but also because a lack of representation, and a lack of the same rights as those across the pond. Who does not have representation in modern day America? “Illegal Immigrants,” mostly of Hispanic descent, who also happen to be Catholic. They are those without a voice. And why are they left without a voice?

Even though England ended their “slave trade” in 1808, most people are misled by public schools to believe that the wave of Irish Catholic immigrants to America during the 1800s occurred because of “the potato famine.” This narrative is false, and we must thank Former Prime Minister Tony Blair for admitting as much and offering his sincere apology. In fact, the English navy blocked the ports of Ireland, took over the farm land used to feed the people, and enacted a second Irish genocide through forced starvation–much like Russia carried out on the Ukrainian people during World War II.

Pain and suffering is what helped emancipate an entire people in America, and the Republicans would do well to recall their founding. The Irish Catholic brigade was also segregated during the Civil War. Why? Because of their religion.

Supporting God given rights is a good thing. Welcoming an oppressed people looking for work is a good thing, and is one of the most charitable things we, as a people, can do. Religious oppression continued throughout the 19th century, the 20th century & most certainly, is occurring today.

Soon, I will publish the complete Ellis Island approach to immigration. The entire system must be addressed, and yes, ensuring border security and safety is critical, but remembering our history and our essential liberty is first. This article will be updated…

A History of England’s Irish Catholic Slavery In America and throughout the world by Dr. Robert West, Illinois PEC State Director



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