Russia: Source of Hamas Rockets

Russian Rocket - HAMAS

Shortly before the Russian Winter Games this past year, both Benjamin Netanyahu & Pope Francis traveled to Russia to meet with Vladimir Putin. It was a trip that will most likely not be repeated again, for quite some time. In the wake of the recent attack on Malaysia Flight 17 (MH17) — a crime against humanity carried out by Russian forces (militia or otherwise) using a Russian-made mobile Surface to Air Missile (SAMs) system called a BUK that was more than likely operated by a Russian Missile Technician, firing a SA-11 missile above 30,000′ and claiming the lives of 298 innocent civilians — another bombshell has surfaced exposing Russia as the key manufacturer of rockets used by Hamas.

The unprovoked attack on Israel by terrorists organization, Hamas, has been ongoing since shortly after Marwan Kawasmeh & Amar Abu Isa were arrested on June 26, 2014 for kidnapping and killing three Israeli teens. Israeli police forces presented the information to Palestinian officials, who denied that Hamas was actively involved, but also reported that it was likely the two men arrested were involved in the kidnapping & murder, but acting as a lone terror cell. The two have quite the criminal history and rap sheet.

Hamas,  being outraged over the death of a Palestinian teenager and detention of the two Palestinian kidnappers, began shelling Israel non-stop. Despite Israeli police forces arresting six Israeli citizens for the death of a Palestinian boy, Hamas wasn’t willing to wait for justice to be served in either case, and began firing rockets into Israel on July 2, 2014.

Since rockets first red glare, there have been four temporary cease fires, and each was broken by a bloodthirsty Hamas, who treats their own citizenry as nothing more than instruments of propaganda & veils for the storage and protection of Hamas rockets being launched at Israel on a daily basis.

A glaringly obvious question, after a month’s long barrage of continual Hamas rocket fire intent on killing Israeli citizens, is who supplies Hamas their rockets to fire at Israel? Now we have a clear answer. These short-range Hamas rockets have Russian markings, and are part & parcel of their arsenal going back to the 1980s.

The rockets that Hamas uses to attack Israel are from Russia. They were originally sold to Syria and Turkey in the early 2000s, post 9/11. As we know, Vladimir Putin is allies with both countries, going as far to recently arm Bashar Assad, resulting in the death of hundreds of thousands of civilians at the hands of chemical weapons, which have now been reported in the hands of ISIS. Putin even sent Assad his Spec Nasi (Russian special forces), including counter-terrorism operators, helicopters, heavy armament, tanks, fighter jets and other weapons.

Perhaps what motivates Putin is the new natural gas reserve found in the Mediterranean Sea. As we know, Russia already has the rest of Europe in a choke hold for fossil fuel. Russia has invaded and still occupies parts of Georgia. After being promised more “flexibility”, Russia went onto invade and occupy parts of Ukraine. Both countries would be critical for running a natural gas pipeline to Russia from the Med, including countries like Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey.

The fact is Russia has always been the major supplier of weapons & armaments in the Middle East. During the late eighties and early nineties, the proliferation of Russian arms was substantial, especially in the Middle East. Now the arms trade has become their second most lucrative source of revenue, right behind energy, and Putin doesn’t care who buys his weapons. He has given up trying to hide his fingerprints on arms falling into the hands of terrorists like Hamas & Hezbollah. Putin also supplies Iran with military armaments, as do other members of BRIC (like China). These are the the same arms that killed American soldiers while assigned in Iraq and now in Afghanistan.

While the media is trying to figure out whether America and Russia are heading for Cold War 2.0, the most honest answer is that it never really ended. If you have to ask if there is a Cold War, then you can bet there are government agencies on both sides already fighting it.

Vladimir Putin doesn’t fear Barack Obama or America. After drawing and re-drawing so many red-lines, Putin doesn’t even respect Barack Obama and views Americans as too weak to do anything about his having boots on the ground in Syria, having boots on the ground in Ukraine, in Georgia, and now boots on the ground in Iraq. One thing is for sure, you cannot ensure liberty at home by ignoring tyranny abroad. As Pearl Harbor and 9/11 have both proved accurate, tyranny will eventually find our shores.

There is picture after picture showering the internet of terrorists using Vladimir Putin’s arms. He has been exposed as one of the world’s most prolific arms dealer to terrorists organizations — those who mean Europe, America and most certainly Israel a great deal of harm.

When recently asked if her “reset button” with Russia was a stupid idea in retrospect, Hillary Clinton answered that the “reset negotiations actually worked.  It was a starting off point with President Medvedev” to begin negotiating nuclear disarmament. It also ended with Barack Obama lowering Eastern Europe’s missile defense shield — a missile defense shield that was sorely needed after Putin invaded Ukraine — needed to deter the downing of Malaysia Flight 17 — needed by the 298 dead innocent civilians shot down with not only Russian equipment, but most assuredly a Russian Missile Technician.

While certain pundits and talking heads in the media think its a great time to resurrect the missile defense shield for the sake of Poland and the Czech Republic, the most obvious benefactor is the most obvious country in need. So far Barack Obama has only supplied MREs (instant meals used in the military) to Ukraine, while Putin more than heavily arms his Russian militia with state of the art weaponry. What a slap in the face to Ukraine, who suffered millions of dead at the hands of Joseph Stalin during World War 2 result of forced starvation. Its good to know they have instant food, but the 298 dead innocent civilians aboard MH-17 could have used an iron dome. Cardboard tasting chicken and rice doesn’t quite help when faced with Surface to Air Missiles.

There’s no need to go to war in order to be supportive of those struggling for their independence. Maybe Obama could learn a lesson from Putin and start arming Ukraine forces, who gave up their nuclear & military defenses upon gaining their independence from the USSR in 1991. They did so with the understanding that America and other allies would have their back. Well, America and her allies have failed under Barack Obama.

For now, liberal Senators from America mock Israel along with the Secretary of State John Kerry for her right to defend herself and her citizens. How has it all come to this? Simple. The “I’m Sorry President” was once again elected and America lost all respect from our enemies. In fact, during a war on terror the enemy has only been more emboldened by Barack Obama and more readily supplied by Vladimir Putin to carry out their acts of terror across the globe.



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