Racism: Michelle Obama Divides People at CBC Awards

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On September 22, 2012 First Lady Michelle Obama addressed the Congressional Black Caucus at their Phoenix Awards grand gala, and what she had to say will give you a glimpse behind the iron curtain of the far democrat left.  This excerpt is indicative of the tone of the speech and bears some scrutiny

 But today, while there are no more “whites only” signs keeping us out, no one barring our children from the schoolhouse door, we know that our journey is far, far from finished.  But –(applause) — yes.  But in many ways, the path forward for this next generation is far less clear.  I mean, what exactly do we do about children who are languishing in crumbling schools?  What about kids growing up in neighborhoods where they don’t have opportunities worthy of their dreams?  What about the 40 percent of black children who are overweight or obese, or the nearly one in two who are on track to develop diabetes in their lifetimes?

There has been a lot of media criticism of a secretly-taped comment–recorded by the Obama Campaign–of Mitt Romney saying he “doesn’t care about the 47%.’  And now The First Lady has honed in on it, talking about only caring for the minority kids in the demographic of the group to which she is speaking.  The hypocrisy is clear here folks.

It is not only black children who “languish” in these supposed crumbling schools.  The obesity problem is not limited to blacks alone.  The issues are universal to all Americans.

And as far as opportunity? There are 23 Million Americans out of work and no one believes that they are all black.  To be sure the black unemployment rate is higher but you can account for some of that by location.  Most blacks live in the inner city and most jobs today are not in the cities.   A prime example of that is the City of Camden NJ.   There is little opportunity for work in the city.  Campbell’s Foods (you know the soup) is headquartered there but outside of that there is little prospect for work.  Where are the people of that city going to turn?  Drugs and Crime are all over the city and the death rate that goes with it.

The First Lady continued.

What court case do we bring on their behalf?  What laws can be passed to end those wrongs?

You see, today, the connection between our laws and our lives isn’t always as obvious as it was 50 or 150 years ago.  And as a result, it’s sometimes easy to assume that the battles in our courts and our legislatures have all been won.  It’s tempting to turn our focus solely to what’s going on in our own lives and our own families, and just leave it at that.

Lincoln-homelessLet’s get this straight, the First lady of the United States is saying that black Americans should just take every battle to court?  Why would you file lawsuits?  Why would you not teach your children the value of hard work and turn them loose on society?  There was an old saying “There ought to be a law” nothing could be further from the truth. As Hayek said in his book, Road to Serfdom, ‘each law that creates a specialized group is another law that creates dependency on government.’  Put simply, using the government to create fairness only fosters inequity.

Now for some honesty during the speech.

And make no mistake about it, change absolutely starts at home.  We know that.  It starts with each of us taking responsibility for ourselves and our families.  Because we know that our kids won’t grow up healthy until our families start eating right and exercising more.  That’s on us.  (Applause.)  We know we won’t close that education gap until we turn off the TV, and supervise that homework, and serve as good role models for our own kids.  That’s on us.  We know that.  (Applause.)

This might be the most important thing she said and the most honest.  Yet we have a government that fosters the division of the family, and is actively attempting to redefine the family.

Lincoln1It is a reality of our time that divorce and children born out of wedlock happen.  It is also proven it is harder for these children to become successful.  It is not a failure of government that this occurs yet Michelle and her husband want to use the government to give these children a leg up.

If you want to see how that is going you can look at two programs:  Abbott Schools in New Jersey and Head Start.  Both programs were established to move kids “FORWARD” .  Abbott has shown no appreciable gains for the children in those districts and Governor Christie is looking to end it.  Head Start does not offer any improved learning ability and it’s effects are gone by the end of first grade.  Government intervention is not the answer.

How about this gem from the First Lady

But while we certainly need to start at home, we absolutely cannot stop there.  Because as you all know better than just about anyone, our laws still matter.  Much like they did 50, 150 years ago, our laws still shape so many aspects of our lives:  Whether our kids have clean air and safe streets, or not.  Whether we invest in education and job training and truly focus on the urgent challenge of getting folks back to work, or not.  Whether our sons and daughters who wear our country’s uniform get the benefits they’ve earned, or not.

Her beliefs can not be more clear, it is to control the people using only one branch of government—the judicial branch—to enact laws that she and CBC feel will lift the underprivileged blacks out of poverty. And of course, we know what happens when too much power is granted the judiciary—see the Dred Scott Decision. Yet, with all the so-called ‘support’ coming from the states and federal government, the poverty level has not really changed much over the years.  Talk about ideas not working.

It was nice of Mrs Obama  to focus on jobs though. But does she realize her husband has been on the road campaigning, and hasn’t actually met with his jobs team in months? What is transparent, is President Obama’s priorities, or lack thereof!

The last line of that quote is the one that really hits home.  This while the fiscal cliff looms and her husband has proposed our men and women in uniform pay more for their benefits.

Folks the hypocrisy is evident and for once, transparent!  Conservative Report would like to thank the White House for publishing the speech on their website.  It sure makes this easy.



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  1. Wake up Black America, its later than you think!! Read the new book"The Unfinished Business of the Civil Rights Movement:Failure of America's Public Schools to Properly Educate its African Student Populations.."

  2. thesis says:

    If you want to see how that is going you can look at two programs: Abbott Schools in New Jersey and Head Start. Both programs were established to move kids "FORWARD" . Abbott has shown no appreciable gains for the children in those districts and Governor Christie is looking to end it. Head Start does not offer any improved learning ability and it's effects are gone by the end of first grade. Government intervention is not the answer.

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