Public Teacher’s Pedophile Epidemic


Originally published 2 November 2013

by Patrick Read.

Americans have a hidden problem so criminal and so scandalous, that most media-outlets and politicians dare not speak a word of it, especially during election season. While campaigning on Virginia; a politician from Syracuse, New York, Democrat Terry McAuliffe openly boasted, “the National Education Association (NEA) is in my corner; goin’ door-to-door’ and helpin’ out my campaign for Virginia Governor.” There’s a reason the Teachers Union gets so active during election time, and Democrats lap-up the praise given them, despite the MASSIVE amount of child sexual-abuse perpetrated by Public School Teachers on Public School Children.

What some phrase as “sexual misconduct” only serves to deflect the truth of what is plaguing the public schools, both in Virginia and across America. Sure, Democrats always promise a better tomorrow for public school children. They always make the same broken promises every election cycle and do so directly to the faces of the public school parents, whose children are the quiet victims of sexual abuse. Democrats always promise education reform, but mostly in an effort to maintain the loyalty of their base.


As a society, we are called on to be silent no longer. The report by the Department of Education on Child Sexual Abuse by public school teachers is right here and embedded at the bottom of this page.

To put the issue into context, the National Education Association has 3 Million members in its public teachers union. The Department of Education report unequivocally states that 5 MILLION public school students will fall victim to sexual abuse by the time they graduate high school.

3 Million public school teachers belong to the NEA. A total of 5 Million public school students are sexually abused.

Children attending public schools are molested with innocence stolen, and justice should be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible. All too often we find leniency shown by activist judges, known to rule with discrimination & personal bias, rather than following the letter of the law.

That discrimination exists shouldn’t be a shock to anyone. Poor people are knowingly being discriminated against by Democrats, who force their children to remain in substandard and failing public schools, with no chance for escape. The public school system and their ever-so supportive teachers union have lost any & all moral credibility. So have the politicians who knowingly make false-promises to parents while promoting the pollution within the NEA.

Yet, the same left-wing politicians never talk about this most paramount issue, the rampant molestation of innocent public school children, during election season. Their parroting media-outlets won’t talk about it, either. The result is that children & their parents are left vulnerable to sexual offenders at their schools.

Sure, Democrats love to talk the talk but then they take a long walk on education. They do so with loaded pockets, especially after bailing-out the Teachers Union, who in return, contributes huge sums of money to Democrat campaigns.

It seems money does indeed buy the silence of some. Big Labor Unions just poured another $3 Million dollars into the same man’s campaign, who was laundering money from the Communist Chinese Government in the late 90s. And Terry McAuliff has yet to even offer one reform concerning the plague of the public schools. He can’t talk about it, because of his allegiance to his contributors, not your children.

0 gop vouchers

Make no mistake about it, proper education is a Republican versus Democrat thing. Facts are stubborn, and numbers do not lie. The public teachers union ranks as the tenth largest contributor in all elections. Not a business. Not an “evil oil company” that government steals 100 times the amount of profit from in taxes. Not even Apple, who was sued under Obama for Anti-Trust Law violations (of which, unions never seem to face).

This past year the “poor public teachers union” spent $18 Million dollars on getting their democrat politicians elected, who then block education improvements for your children. Remember, the union collects money paid to teachers, whose salaries are directly funded by taxes (mostly property and county tax).

In return for the hand out, the same teachers union protecting predators, donate almost all of their publicly funded wealth to Democrats. Hypocritically, they are the same union that supported the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, opposing corruption by lobbyist. However, the overwhelming majority of  capital spent by the “poor teachers union” goes to efforts attacking Republicans, who are the only party introducing effective, results driven, education reform.

Note: keep an eye out  for a future report regarding the third-party candidate, Robert Sarvis, who is helping McAuliffe pull the wool over the eyes of some of the citizens, but certainly not all.

01 Obama no vouchers

You will also recall Barack Obama bailing-out the public teachers Union in 2009 with another $26 Billion taxpayer dollars. The same taxpayers whose children are then sexually abused by public school teachers. Of course, this blood-money does not include yet another Teacher Union slush fund called, “rise to the top.”

Combined, Barack Obama has given the public school system over $100 Billion dollars of taxpayer money. And what have you gotten for your money? Test scores continue to fall, and drop-out rates continue to soar.

After his initial bailout of the abusive union, Barack Obama then appointed Kevin Jennings as the School Safety Czar. It later came out that Jennings was a member of NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association). MAN – BOY love, in the most literal sense. Obama must have forgotten to do a background check, because it was exposed that Jennings had “improper relations” with a 15 year old boy. Before he could lie to America and say he “did not have sexual relations with that” 15 year old boy, Kevin Jennings resigned.

Consider the era of  silence over.

Teacher Unions - 100 x amount of Child Sex Abuse by Public School goes unpunished and unreported

McAuliffe, Hillary & Obama “care for women” so much that they are weak on violent criminals, and even weaker when protecting public school children from sex-offenders. The National Education Association (NEA), who McAuliffe proudly boasts support him so earnestly,  just opposed a bill that would outlaw known sexual-predators from school grounds. Why? Because public school teachers are those most guilty of sexual abuse against public school students. Under the legal-aid of the NEA, public school teachers have perpetrated one hundred times the amount of child sexual abuse than any other institution in America.

Between 2001 & 2005, a reported 2,570 public school teachers were punished for “child sexual-abuse.” Another 2,625 public school teachers lost their license to teach. Between 2007 & 2010 another 2,000 cases of sexual abuse were filed against public school teachers. USA TodayCBS NewsThe Associated PressWashington PostThe Dallas Star and many other countless reports have been filed.

Now Democrats boast about “public teacher support,” and others try in earnest to support them, even as the NEA is protecting predators.

Here is Terry McAuliffe actually lying, while shamelessly showing his ardent support of the Teachers Union, and their abusive job on the American children.

This report by the Department of Education reveals an estimated 10% of all public school children will fall victim to sexual abuse by public school teachers. Ten Percent of all children attending public schools in America is 4 to 5 MILLION.

Such as the recent case against public school teacher and sexual offender, Thomas Harvey Matthews. Matthews was a transplant from Delaware, where he was caught fondling third graders in the 1990s.

Complaints were filed over & over again by brave students, but the Public School District did nothing to stop Matthews. One day, a janitor reported Matthews molesting a child in his darkened classroom. The principal merely accepted an early resignation with the agreement to recommend Matthews teach at another school. That other school was in Stafford Virginia, who finally brought the plague of the public school to justice.

Age Not Issue IN Teacher Sex Cases

In January 2011 (an off year for elections), The Washington Post reported that 120 cases of sexual abuse against Public School Teachers were successfully prosecuted in Virginia over the last decade (where Cuccinelli is the Sate Attorney’s General). But, according to the Dept of Education study, there are more than twice the amount of charges made to schools than those found guilty, but are not followed-up. The public schools do nothing. Absolutely nothing.

The NEA gives the sexual offenders legal aid, and to avoid a lawsuit, the public schools do nothing. Even when a sexual offender is found guilty and sent to jail, the criminal continues receiving their pension. Breach of contract be damned. One victim was finally given the right to sue against the pension of the imprisoned sex offender.

Still, according to the report by the Department of Education, a vast majority of sexual abuse against public school teachers goes unpunished or unreported. An equal amount of the public teachers charged with molestation end up pleading down to a lesser crime. Added up, an estimated 500 Virginian children will fall victim to sexual abuse at the hands of their teacher. This estimate does not include the public school students who are sexually harassed.

When a teacher pleads down to a lesser charge, they do not lose their license to teach. Others who are found guilty, lose their license but are kept on the payroll. These criminal, and unlicensed teachers are relocated to what are called a rubber room. They are kept away from children, but retain their job, all funded by the parents of their victims.

Children have the courage to come forward so that their classmates and future classes will not fall victim to the same abuse, yet the NEA is protecting sexual predators, paying their legal defense fund, protecting their lifelong pensions, and when necessary, paying them to stay away from children.

Public School Soccer Coach sexually abusing public school students.

DEMS-NEA-Public-Teachers-Union-Child-Sex-AbuseTerry McAuliffe all too eagerly remains silent about the scourge of sexual abuse in public schools, and does so while taking blood-money. He then brags about the tainted support of a Union wrought with criminals.

If a NEA representative came knocking at my door tying to support Terry McAuliffe, I would lock the door and hide the children. Literally.

Thank God, there are those who are not tools of a propaganda-machine. Who do not bow to political pressure. Who actually have concern for others. Who actually have a moral conviction to improve education, instead of just enriching a polluted teachers union, as the NEA continues to protect predators.

Ken Cuccinelli actually has a plan that is not beholden to the perverted public teachers union, nor do they rely on the tainted money that buys silence. Quite frankly, some people have morals and their silence cannot be bought. While At The University Of Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli Helped Establish The Sexual Assault Fact and Education Group. 

“He transformed himself into a self-taught campus expert and agitator on the problem of sexual assault. He helped establish Sexual Assault Facts and Education (SAFE), a student group that raises awareness about the issue, and designed a brochure on preventing sexual assault. Survivors confided in him. It was emotionally scalding work.” (David Montgomery, The Rise Of The Confounding Conservative, Washington Post, 8/1/10)

Convicted Teacher Returns

Cuccinelli organized a vigil For sexual assault victims On UVA’s campus, and Established The Sexual Assault Fact and Education Group. By April 1991, he was standing with a candle in his hand on the steps of the university’s Rotunda, the historic center of the genteel campus designed by Thomas Jefferson.

Ken was an organizer of dozens of student protesters who occupied the steps for 134 hours — one for each of the 134 alleged victims of sexual assault at the university the previous year — and demanded that the university fund the new full-time position of sexual assault education coordinator.” (David Montgomery, The Rise Of The Confounding Conservative, Washington Post, 8/1/10)

Because Of Cuccinelli, UVA Hired A Full-Time Sexual Assault Coordinator. Just hours into the vigil, the university proposed hiring a part-time coordinator. The vigil continued for the full 134 hours. Before the year was out, a full-time coordinator was hired. Victory. (David Montgomery, The Rise Of The Confounding Conservative, Washington Post, 8/1/10)

For help with abuse, please do not be silent and do not blame yourself. This plague facing society must be stopped and it is the ADULTS in society’s FAULT for not facing it sooner.

Modern-day grown ups are to blame for placing you at risk all for selfish political gain.

Brewer Teacher sex abuse

There are ways no one has to know who you are, but the authorities must find out about these abusive public teachers for the good of your class mates and future classes. Go outside of the school, and call a hotline. They will help you. How to spot signs of sexual abuse and report it to the police. It is time the abuse ends and is up to you to report it.

The first video below is of Terry McAuliffe, then there are two videos of Ken Cuccinelli. Finally, the Department of Education report on on public teacher’s sexual-abuse is underneath the third video. And finally a radio interview featuring K. Carl SMith and Rev. CL Bryant.

The video features a VCU student asking McAuliffe an important question, “What is your opinion about Obamacare cutting jobs and cutting work hours.”

Watch McAuliffe respond to the young man. He walks directly into the kids personal space, gets in his face, crosses his arms, and acts like he’s ticked that he actually had to answer a serious question. After unsuccessfully trying to intimidate the VCU student, Terry walked away and said “They delayed that one year.”

So, there you have it from Terry McAuliffe: it’s not really-real that the kid had his hours cut, and another lost his job because employers are laying off. However, it is a reality that employers are cutting jobs, and it is not “delayed.” McAuliffe lied. The layoffs are due to the SKYROCKETING PREMIUMS of Obamacare on Health Insurance.

The following two videos are regarding Ken Cuccinelli (the State Attorney’s General) on fighting sexual-abuse and attaining justice even when thought impossible by all others.


The Department of Education Report on Sexual Abuse in Public Schools by Public School Teachers, who belong to the Public Teachers Union is below both pictures

Department of Education Report – Public School Teachers Sexual Misconduct by Conservative Report

The Battle for Liberty with Rev. CL Bryant & K Carl Smith



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