Note to GOP: There Is No Fiscal Cliff

Bernanke thumb

Is the Republican Party aware that there is no fiscal cliff? At least, not for them, as a political party. There is no shortage of confiscated wealth. There is only Obamanomics: an economic disaster, four years in the making, which is not the fault of Republicans but to a media in denial, carrying Barack Obama’s water.

Much like the Democrat ad used against Paul Ryan pushing granny over the cliff, it is a distortion. Replace Ryan with the Democrats and granny with the economy, the Republicans, and the American people, and then you have accuracy.

The Democrats use euphemisms for higher taxes all the time. “Revenue” is the latest wording used to take from the haves and give to the have-nots. Barack Obama is an intellectual and fiscal moron. He’s a liar on top of that. Yet, the GOP is all too willing to capitulate to this man.

The laws of economics will trump the laws of politics every time. Ben Bernanke has been artificially propping up this sham economy since 2009 to benefit Obama to the detriment of the American people and our status in the world, and why not? Obama’s egalitarian world view is exactly what we can expect for four more years. When it inevitably crashes, you want to be as far away from it as possible. And you will be blamed.

Obama’s view of the United States is one where we are an imperialist Nation, who achieved Super-Power status through nefarious means, and it’s “his mission” to even the playing field. And the GOP, ever increasingly becoming the party of surrender, just goes along. Enough is enough. Be bold, or be prepared for a primary challenge.

It is hard enough defeating the Democrat party; we don’t need people in the Republican Party with the same ideals and goals. Those within the party advocating for higher taxes are simply not getting it. Those saying that we need both spending cuts and “new revenue”, you sound just like Democrats. You also sound naïve. Spending cuts never take place. Ever.

This game of ‘give me tax hikes now, and you can have spending cuts later,’ never works out well for Republicans, or the American people. Even if 100% of the wealth of the so-called “rich” were to be confiscated, we still don’t have enough money to keep up with this government’s massive spending.


If the government took all of Warren Buffett’s $44 billion net worth, we would have enough money to run the federal government and all of its massive spending for a total of exactly 4 ½ days. Speaking of Warren Buffett, (who is in favor of higher income taxes) I would sincerely like to ask, are you for a wealth tax, sir? You see the disingenuous Mr. Buffett doesn’t survive on or get much of his money from, “income”. His money comes from capital gains, not subject to higher income tax rates.

Most of the current tax rates have been in place since 2001, others, since 2003. They are no longer “The Bush Tax Cuts” the rates have been in place for a decade!

Republicans can make the Democrats own this calamity in exactly one way- don’t participate. Republicans need to hold the line, pass cuts, and let the Democrats do the rest. You will be blamed either way. The media and Democrats always rewrite history. This is the same administration that has failed to pass a budget during the entire first term. The president’s budget received zero votes even from his own party, yet Republicans are being blamed for the so-called fiscal cliff. Wake up!

This is also the same party, who shut the door in your face during the Obamacare “debate”.

If you go just a little further back than that, to the Clinton years, Bill Clinton still tries to take credit for an economy he had very little to do with. First off, Dick Morris had to drag Clinton kicking and screaming to sign welfare reform into law, which he now takes credit for. Secondly, through mere circumstance, he happened to be president during the Internet boom.

Businesses started to thrive in spite of higher tax rates, not because of them. This is also in the face of his attorney general, Janet Reno, filing antitrust lawsuits against Microsoft, the very engine creating most of the economic prosperity throughout his presidency.

Tax rates or the amount of money they generate are not the problem, out-of-control spending is.

This is always been the case. The mistake being made is thinking that Obama doesn’t want to go over the fiscal cliff. He does, and he will blame the Republicans while doing it. If you are paying attention, the narrative is already being written. And it will all be done in the name of “fairness”. New taxation rules of individual 401(k) s are already being bandied about. Confiscation will not be far behind.

Defense, intelligence, and space programs are always first on the chopping block when Democrats talk “cuts”. The intelligence cuts of the 90s along with Jamie Gorelick’s infamous “wall” are directly responsible for 9/11. Clinton gutting the Defense Department throughout the majority of the decade didn’t help either. The space program is not just a matter of national pride; it is also one of national security.


I’m not saying there aren’t areas that can be cut in these programs, but what is being discussed in this administration will be devastating. You want defense cuts? Start with sensitivity training programs, not cutting edge fighter planes of tomorrow. The Chinese most certainly aren’t.

The country will survive this is as a nation, but it will take hard work and tough choices of real leaders. 50 years from now this depression will have been all George W. Bush’s fault. Much like the Great Depression was blamed on Herbert Hoover. Never mind the fact that both FDR and Obama prolonged the tough economic situations by stupidity and ideology. And both were done on purpose.

The American people voted for Obama, yes. But, they also voted to give you the majority in the House, GOP. Use your leadership role to lead, not to be led by a President that cares nothing about you or the American people. Obama’s main goal is and always has been “fairness”. If you participate in the further confiscation of American wealth, when Obama’s goal of American economic collapse is realized, you will be blamed.

And the American people will believe it.