Obama Doctrine: Defeat from Jaws of Victory

Saddam Hussein

Remember the concern that many expressed in the early 1990s as President George H.W. Bush announced the military intervention to remove Iraq from its unlawful invasion & occupation of Kuwait? All of the media talked about the vaunted Republican Guards, how they would be formidable fighters and America would have high casualties. Despite the media doctrine of selling more drama than fact, Desert Storm/Shield was a great success — but what exactly is the Obama doctrine?

Striking in a fashion similar to the Army Air Corps over Berlin during World War II, which covered huge chunks of real estate in hours, not days or months, American forces pushed Saddam Hussein’s military out of Kuwait. Bush Sr. decimated the radical Sunni’s Army and Air Force. The action was brilliant, completely warranted, quickly accomplished and America moved into a decade without hostile action but a nervous unease about the intentions of Saddam Hussein, a brutal dictator who maintained power through force and oppression.


Hussein using WMD on Halabja

During that period, Hussein — who formed the Baath Party (Sunni) and seized power in the 1970s going on to kill 1 Million Iranians, continued to rattle his saber, speaking in harsh terms about the evil of America and his people continued to suffer, particularly the Kurds and other independent minded factions who refused to offer total compliance with the will of Hussein. Executions continued on a daily basis for those who were found guilty of trumped up crimes against the state by a kangaroo court system and women were often abused and sexually exploited by Hussein’s henchmen.

Fast forward to September 11, 2001 and the death and destruction at the World Trade Center, carried out by Islamic terrorists. Suddenly, America had to start looking at the reality of Islamic hatred for America and Iraq’s hostility for America was one of the things that had to be analyzed as word began to spread that Iraq was building a large arsenal of chemical weapons. This seemed likely since they had used such weapons years before in a bloody war with Iran.

What’s more, Hussein’s reputation for brutality to those in Iraq who opposed him could no longer be ignored by the Western world, but Saddam was unconcerned and he rallied his people with a combination of fear and nationalism while his military forces were rebuilt, enlarged and reequipped, indicating his desire to be the leading force in the Arab world.

On March 20, 2003 and with the support of the UN community, the United States and a few allied countries initiated a sudden and fierce attack by air which was soon followed by a massive release of armored and mechanized infantry forces into Southern Iraq from a base of operations in Kuwait. The units cut through the south like a knife through warm butter and it was quickly clear that Hussein was no match for America. Another blitzkrieg type movement covered miles in hours and the result was never in doubt as the forces rapidly advanced on Baghdad.


Victims of Halabja

But once the famed statue of Hussein was seen toppled by happy troops and Iraqis, the trouble was just beginning, for we quickly found that these people absent a strong leader broke apart into many factions and a large terror network quickly brought Al Qaeda and other terrorists into active operation. A battlefield war quickly morphed into a guerrilla war of attrition where the enemy was nearly impossible to distinguish from friendlies. The only thing clear was that the American and British forces were clearly identified and became the target for constant attack, 24/7.

While it is always necessary for America to fill the vacuum, giving Iraq the tools to develop its own democracy, the liberal media became weary of the loss of lif. The cost was less than 5% of the total budget, but America became increasingly stressed due to the collapse of social programs involving Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. THe liberal media put their energy into a clearly Un-American rant, reminiscent of Vietnam in its waning days. George W. Bush, the sitting President nearing the end of his second term, became the whipping boy for all that was deemed bad in Iraq, despite his success in keeping the battlefield over there, instead of the battle being waged right here at home.

So into office strolls Barack Hussein Obama after the 2008 election, flush with arrogance and vigor to do what he knew was best. After first announcing that he would quickly close Gitmo, one of the best locations for keeping the most dangerous terrorists far from Americans, he also said that he considered the war in Iraq over and would move on to fight the war that was of importance in Afghanistan. It didn’t take him long to draw up and announce a timetable for withdrawal which would remove all American combat forces before the end of his first term.


1 of 10 mass graves found in Iraq

All of our military strategists told Obama that complete withdrawal would be a huge mistake and that letting the enemy know its details was a fatal blow, but Obama; with absolutely no administrative, military and leadership skill or experience, knew what was best and began employing the Obama doctrine — a strategy of retreat or surrendering the battlefield & troop withdrawal.  Today we find the entire country of Iraq under siege from a most horrific Army of Islamic brutality, one that even Al Qaeda doesn’t sanction because it is “too exstreme”.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is now closing in on Baghdad.

And what does “Dear Leader” do? He goes to Palm Springs to play golf for the weekend while our young Marine embassy guards are left alone with no support to hold the building. Oh, I almost forgot, he also threw in one of his famous fundraisers.

President Barack Hussein Obama has independently achieved defeat right out of the hands of victory. And once again, as has been common since the end of World War II, America has fought another war which she has not won. And this is no adverse reflection on our wonderful and brave military; but it is a major indictment of civilian politicians trying to run a war without the slightest idea of what war is about.

But there’s more with a new chapter of the Obama Doctrine evolving. the President is doing the same thing in Afghanistan which will leave the entire Middle East free to become a playground for jihadists, with the exception of Israel which will be staring in the face of potential disaster daily. And while there are hopeful signs in Egypt, they will also be subject to the brutality of these mad men of Islam who have no respect for the rights and lives of others.

What will America do about this? Like so many other Obama developed crises, no one knows for sure what the Obama doctrine will lead to, but the likelihood is very little that is good for America. It’s sad to say this, but until America as a people do a better job of picking national leaders we are likely to remain in this untenable situation.

Come on, America, we can do better than this. Our brave soldiers who sacrificed so much deserve so much more. Let’s rise up and make America shine again and let’s start with the November elections by electing patriots instead of politicians.

May God shine his light on America again and keep her free and safe for our children, grandchildren and other generations to come. Pray every day for the President to receive a “wake up call” from on high and open his heart to the Spirit. It is the only hope for him as an individual and for the short term future of America as well.