Obama Armed & Trained ISIS in Syria

Chem WMD

What happens when America is partly to blame for the “terrorist chickens coming home to roost”, and storming a country whose people once celebrated America as liberators from a genocidal dictator, guilty of war crimes? Such is the case with ISIS comprising the “Syrian rebels (Islamic State of Iraq & Syria), who Barack Obama not only drew a thin red-line for in their opposition to Bashar Assad, but also armed and trained. An opposition now fully equipped & knowledgeable thanks to Obama, is composed of al Qaeda & al Nusra rebels, who’ve taken over the vast majority of cities in Northern Iraq while storming ever closer to Baghdad.

As history proves accurate, there are a finite few subjects that every single American agrees about and stands in unison over. One of these unifying subjects is the protection of American cities & their civilian population in a post 9/11 world, specifically from credible threats made by radical Islam.

Sunni and Shia Map of Middle EastYou can use Twitter to monitor the real time action in Baghdad. As reported by CBS news, ISIS developed a Twitter App for Android. This is one of the accounts used by ISIS on Twitter called “Spring4Iraq” (note: google translate will help you decipher the Arabic). The group is being led by Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, who was being held in an Iraq prison until Barack Obama withdrew our troops from the once liberated country. In a recent report by NBC news, Abu al Baghdad, a radical Sunni, remarked that he would “see us in New York soon”.

Despite their sectarian origin, whether Sunni (ISIS, Hamas, al Qaeda, al Nusra & the Taliban) or Shia (Iran funded Hezbollah, Assab al Haq & the Promise Day Brigade) Americans are determined to protect itself from another World Trade Center event, especially if the threat includes Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and comes from a power vacuum created in Iraq (soon Afghanistan) by way of the “new Obama Doctrine” — surrendering the battlefield and arming the enemy.

Assad-Al QaedaWhat seasoned military professionals have been warning about were the lessons learned from abandoning Afghanistan after their victory over the Soviet Union in the 1980s. Now the public at large is witnessing firsthand the exact same power vacuum being quickly filled with terrorists in Iraq. Only this time, the liberal media is not rabidly demanding a “Syria Contra hearing” while risking the suppression of militant Communists in our hemisphere. Like every representative in Washington DC, the mainstream media knows Barack Obama was aiding and abetting both al Qaeda & al Nusra rebels in Syria during a War on Terror. A war to protect America that the vast majority of Democrats used to actively support.

One of the many pit-falls to negotiating with terrorists, whether through alliance of cause or exchanging hostages, is that terrorist groups are often prone  to switch sides when & if strategically viable in order for them to complete their mission of converting or killing perceived infidels.

While pledging American support to the Syrian rebels in their effort to topple Bashar Assad for killing in mass his own civilian population, Conservative Report was among the first to advise that part of the Syrian rebels were actually the infamous Sunni radical group known as al-Qaeda (who we are at war with result of their 9/11 attack(s). Still, Obama went onto arm and train those Syrian rebels knowing that their only loyalty is to themselves & their drive to kill-off the world’s Israeli population and Americans.

Listen below to testimony given by the Director of Intelligence in 2012 regarding the US arming the Syrian rebels, who James Clapper went onto name, and are in part ISIS/ISIL. Clapper also addressed the proliferation of WMD in Iraq & Syria, of which Conservative Report first posted about in 2010.

Cuddling up to the enemy during wartime, for whatever the reason, is considered breaking the law. Article 3 Section 3 of the US Constitution talks about aiding and abetting the enemy during wartime, and sets a clear standard of punishment for anyone caught doing so.

ISIS chem wmdWhether considering the jihadist spring in Egypt, or the terrorists groups in Benghazi and now Syria, one common factor applies. Barack Obama is arming & empowering the enemy. In Egypt, Barack Obama sent the former president of the Muslim Brotherhood, who was removed from the US terrorist watch list in 2009, a squadron of F-16s, a fleet of Abram tanks and $3 billion dollars of blood money lacking the United Nation’s human rights stipulation, that money would not be used toward the death of any civilians. Mohammed Morsi, who was welcomed into Egyptian power by the Obama administration, then went onto release the infamous “Benghazi youtube video”, giving the Muslim Brotherhood an excuse to attack our American embassy. In Libya, Barack Obama outsourced American military, who were responsible for securing Ambassador Chris Stevens, and back-filled them with Libyan militia. Part of the Libyan militia is Ansar al Sharia, as was testified to at the very first Government Oversight Committee in October 2012. Obama funded & trained the very Libyan militia that went onto claim the lives of Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty. Finally in Syria, Barack Obama armed and supported the rebel group, part of whom are al-Nusra and al-Qaeda, who are now marching on Baghdad as the President scratches his head with what to do.

Mohammad Fazi

~~==>The Taliban 5: What is a terrorist?<==~~

The former president of the Muslim Brotherhood used our support to attack our embassy before being oustered by his own people for being too radical. The Libyan militia used our support to attack and kill our own Ambassador, before Obama was advised by our special forces to first take Ahmed Khattala, and then take Abu anas al Libi. Obama brushed our own special forces off, and opted for the little known computer tech: al Libbi. It seems he may have wanted to avoid the so-called ring leader of the Benghazi attack from leaking too much information while the Benghazi hearings were ramping up in America. Finally in Syria, al Qaeda and al-Nusra rebels used our support to arm themselves for an attack on Baghdad, but only after being empowered by Bashar Assad, who warned that the support of Syrian rebels would “come back to haunt us”. Al Qaeda and Al Nusra flipped on its American supporters and instead teamed up with Assad to kill even more civilians, allegedly in return for profits made from the Syrian oil trade.

Syrian Rebels - Chem WMDPresident Barack Hussein Obama authored a book several years ago entitled, “The Dreams of My Father”. While writing about the Japanese internment camps of World War II, Obama attested that if anything were to ever happen with Muslims or Pakistanis and America, he “would stand with Pakistanis” — a Sunni community. The same man also promised to close GITMO, because maybe to him it’s a World War II style internment camp, even if it houses the most deadly of our al-Qaeda & Taliban enemies. For the first time in 20th & 21st Century history, an American President then made his people vulnerable before their enemy. Obama traded 5 Taliban terrorists for an American defector, two of whom are wanted by the UN for the genocide of thousands of Shia in Afghanistan, and one of whom directly facilitated the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. As result of their newly released treasure, the Taliban and other groups like them will be sure to continue using Americans as ransom & pursuing even more “hostage exchanges” with the President.

Perhaps the President might take the advice given him by the NY Times, that “The Enemy of My Enemy is Still My Enemy”. Even if Obama is not worried about it, and instead continues fundraising events, the Prime Minister of Israel certainly saw the writing on the wall. Just like Israel’s 1980-attack on Iraqi Nuclear facilities, PM Benjamin Netanyahu recently launched an attack on Syria in response to its bombing Israel. The history lesson here is pretty simple: Do not negotiate with terrorists, whether Shia or Sunni radicals. To do so only emboldens them in their plight toward a global caliphate or continued funding of global terrorism.

Obama-Bergdahl-NY-Daily-NewsAs we learned in the 1980s, when America runs-away, deserts or participates in willful ignorance & isolationism, the radical terrorists will eventually find our shores, and this time potentially armed with biologic and chemical weapons. The best way to protect Americans is the same way repeated throughout US history. Build permanent, JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command) bases in both Iraq and Afghanistan, less the power vacuums left behind continue to be filled with terrorists who are equipped & willing to launch another 9/11 attack on America. And any military strategist worth their salt knows the United States Air Force always clears the way before boots hit the ground, assuring a more accessible environment from which to establish a real middle-east peace solution — through power. Establishing an umbrella of power in each radical friendly country would not only “end the war”, but would also go along way towards sustained & lasting peace for America, and lead to relative safety from genocide for each of the foreign base’s civilian population.

Who cares how they govern their people. Our being there is to help end the widespread genocide, and more importantly, to insure the protection of innocent American civilians. Contrary to popular belief, our being there is completely constitutional. Article 1 Section 8 describes the authority “to repel invasion”. We were attacked on 9/11. We lost innocent civilians; women, children and men. Some were forced to jump to their death from skyscrapers standing 110 stories tall. Those who attacked us & those who helped them remain in Afghanistan and Iraq. Though the President may wish the war be over, as some type of sick excuse to release war criminals, Islamic terrorists do not stop, even if a President, his appeasers, his compromisers & even if his media would like the terrorists to stop.

Without doing anything, we risk another attack on America, and this time, everyone agrees the terrorists have WMD.

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