Code Pink Slams Obama & Kerry


It’s happened. Republicans finally agree with Code Pink. Code Pink has come out against Barack Obama, his redline and the strike on Syria. They have gone so far as to protest in front of John Kerry’s townhome, and I have to admit, for the first time in my conservative life, I stand shoulder-to-should with the feather-covered nut jobs.  Just get me a vagina costume and some pink tights.

Typically, the GOP is at odds with Code Pink and their pro-abortion, feminazi agenda. Yet, I find myself cheering them on as they hold the Obama administration accountable for being lying, conniving, sneaky, non-transparent, douche bags.

I’m not trying to make light of this situation in Syria, but truly, my social media world has been turned upside down.

Earlier this week, I had a woman who is a self-proclaimed Neo-Con call me “a liberal” and “a cheerleader” because I do not support military action in Syria. Me?



Then not 15 minutes later, I had a Democrat like my tweet about not going to war with Syria, which totally blew my mind. That Democrat then sent me a direct message and asked if they could follow me and that, “while we may disagree on many things, we must work together to stop Syrian intervention.”

Me being me, I kept waiting for a punch line but none came, so I said sure and we followed each other. I have to admit though, it felt a little bit like I was cheating.

So there it is, I am agreeing with some democrats, mostly conservatives, a few republicans and of course, most libertarians, in that this attack must not happen.

That being said, all signs point to Barack Obama sending missiles “across Syria’s nose” even if Congress does not authorize such action. During his speech on August 31, 2013, and in defiance of the War Powers Act, Barack Obama made sure the world knew he didn’t have to get their permission. He just was because yeah, Barack Obama is nice like that, the will of the people and stuff, right?

In his infinite wisdom, Barack Obama knew better, but since it is in the Constitution and stuff, he was going to ask for the debate. Finally, he acknowledged WHY the Constitution is a barrier to his agenda, and there was great rejoicing.

Side note, did anyone else think Vice President Joe Biden looked like a kid who’d been caught with his hand in the cookie jar during the president’s speech that day? Tight lipped and flushed; that or they’d threatened to put him back in the basement if he opened his mouth and said something stupid. Anyway…

So that leaves me and oh, 90% of the country, standing around in our proverbial dancing vagina costumes with Code Pink saying NO as loudly as we can, in hopes they will listen.

There are still thousands of boots on the ground in Iraq, and in Afghanistan. Barack Obama then politically intervened in Egypt, by giving tanks, F-16s and money to the radical Mohammed Morsi, who is the ex-President of the fanatical Muslim Brotherhood. In addition, Barack Obama ordered the US military into Yemen, Libya, and now Syria?

Who are the next targets of the so-called “anti-war,” turned warmonger Democrats?

If getting a ukulele and singing about reproductive parts to the theme of Gilligan’s Island will get Barack Obama, John Kerry and most importantly, Congress to pay attention and act for and by the people (versus doing what a vain, egocentric man-child president wants), then sign me up.

Hand me the ukulele, I’m ready to sing. I’ll even be a dancing vagina costume in pink tights.



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