Obama Regime & Martial Law

Obama Looks Pissed

America has always had its share of conspiracy theories. We’ve heard that “man really never set foot on the moon” and, of course, the claim that the 9/11 World Trade Center event was “an internal conspiracy, not an attack by fanatical Islamic terrorists”. But never before have we had a President attached to so many conspiracy theories as Barack Obama and as we look at his track record in the White House to date, it looks much more likely that the theories might very well be based on reality not fiction.

A cursory list of his lawless activities just tires the mind to recall. We’ve had Fast and Furious (gun running to Mexico) and the death of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry and hundreds if not thousands of Mexican deaths caused by those weapons. Then there’s the NSA spying on all Americans, with our own government spending more time tracking & gathering information on us than they do on Islamic terrorists, and foreign cyber attacks launched on America.

Maybe that’s why our intelligence agencies are so in the dark about overseas activities; they’re spending all their time watching us. And while they are doing this, Obama just keeps changing the subject to keep the turmoil going. And those actions we mention here are just the tip of the iceberg.

IRS thumbWe’ve also been enraged by the IRS actions of Lois Lerner and others to single out conservative groups and individuals for heavy duty tax harassment by the nation’s supposedly non-political tax agency and the whoppers agency officials have consistently told in response to probing questions by Congress. And, of course, Benghazi where government officials were watching live the attack on our embassy while doing absolutely nothing to assist and rescue the Americans caught in the melee. We are still looking for the truth while the Administration stonewalls and still to this day tries to use the excuse of a little seen video for the carnage when it has been proven false.

And now, while these disgraceful actions are either continuing or under investigation, made difficult by the ongoing deceit, we have added the Bergdahl situation and the storming of our borders by thousands of illegals, which Obama and even some of the RINO element of the Republican Establishment calls an emergency. America releases five of the most bloodthirsty of terrorist commanders in return for a deserter, quite possibly a traitor, and he acts shocked that America isn’t thanking him. Mr. President, if you want to be thanked, how about picking up the phone, call your counterpart in Mexico City and have Marine Sgt. Tahmooressi released from a Mexican prison for a mistaken turn on a highway near the border?

And with regard to the border situation, it can’t be an emergency since we have learned that the Administration was soliciting bids back in January for escorts to take the new arrivals wherever Obama desired in the United States. This is abhorrent. And no Americans are allowed within two blocks of the entry points so that we can’t see for our own eyes the truth.

So we’ve arrived at the point where we must ask, why is the President and his left wing minions doing this as well as taking so many unconstitutional actions with his arrogant in your face “phone and a pen” strategy? The Cloward and Piven strategy, whereby the nation is bankrupted and can no longer meet its obligations and the people beg for his “leadership” to right the ship is one possibility. Perhaps, however, the answer is even more sinister.

It’s becoming more and more likely that he is deliberately trying to push the American people to physically act against him, thereby affording him the opportunity to declare martial law and thereby eliminate the nuisance of divided government which he complains about so frequently. His recent actions, particularly the border push and one other event in the Southwest have truly pushed many Americans tBundy Rancho the almost breaking point. Let’s look at both.

The first, the illegal alien push across the border, has brought thousands of impoverished Latin American children, plus several dirty little secrets. It is estimated that nearly eighty percent of the “children” are, in fact, teens between the age of fourteen and seventeen, many with gang tattoos. Many have already been resettled in various locations with family members already here, also illegal.

If that isn’t enough, many have diseases and illnesses that haven’t been seen in the United States for many years. Whooping cough and tuberculosis are not uncommon, and this particular strain of tuberculosis does not respond well to normal treatments. Can we really imagine what this will do when these teens are put in a crowded classroom with American students in an urban area?

And the other example is, of course, the overreaching arsenal assault attempted against Cliven Bundy with the proposed Bureau of Land Management physical land grab. Similar attempts are being pushed against other properties in the Western basin states but thus far the citizens and local and state leaders, most notably Attorney General Greg Abbott of Texas, have held their own.

So, what can we do to insure that our response to a lawless President does not give him an excuse to declare martial law? Well, first of all we can follow the Bundy Ranch example. We have the right to speak our mind and also to carry weapons within the provision of state, not federal law, which allows for self-defense.

We can’t let overreaching government agents goad us into opening fire, but we must be at the ready and have plenty of witnesses and video capability to capture the truth on film if we have to defend ourselves. Speak up and hold the high ground, but keep the powder dry and stay at the ready. If violence is initiated, and we pray that it isn’t, by making sure that it is done by the government, not peacefully assembled citizens, the result will not turn out well for the feds..

America is a wonderful yet strange nation. We frequently don’t pay attention to things that we should and we are slow to get riled up, but once we do we become a force that no one wants to reckon with. It’s called the American Spirit, that same character trait that our Founding Fathers displayed so many years ago.

Should we be fearful? Of course, fear is natural and facing a group with more weapons and firepower who are trying to push the envelope is not something anyone wants. But if we overcome and control our fear and stand our ground with great discipline and commitment, we will win the day, peacefully and with honor.

We should all pray to God that things never come to a physical conflict and by standing our ground with the Constitution and our God at our side it is much less likely to come to that. Bullies like to dish it out, they can’t take it. Be smarter, be brave and if we keep our wits about us we will weather the storm and ultimately win.

God bless the real United States of America which is her people, not her government.

Writer’s note: Thanks and credit to Marilyn Assenheim of MinutemenNews.com for some basic background material found in her article, Martial Law: The Regime’s End Game?



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