ACA Excluded MAMMOGRAMS & Breast Cancer RX, AVASTIN


On October 1st, 2013 the President’s signature policy launched and it quickly hit a brick wall. Not only is the $600 Million Dollar Obamacare website still shutdown, but Americans are being notified that their health care cost is simultaneously skyrocketing. Frustration is growing as citizens recall all the broken promises made by Barack Obama, “under my health care plan, the average family will save $2,500 per year”. Resentment set in as working families were notified that they did not save 2,500 per year, but their health care cost sharply increased by $7,500 per year.

Even Labor Unions got hit with a 40% tax-increase on their health care plans under Obamacare. Making matters worse, one of the groups most negatively affected by Obamacare are women. Indeed, the Patient *Protection and *Affordable Care Act is nothing more than a war on women by our government.

Outrage spread like wildfire as voters learned that Obamacare’s “Preventative Services Task Force” dissuaded routine mammograms for women between the ages of forty & forty-nine. This Obamacare policy was deemed “anti-woman” because those at greatest risk for breast cancer are women over forty.

Yet, the Obamacare “Preventative Services Task Force” dissuaded routine mammograms. Why? Because the Government would have to absorb the cost of “first-dollar coverage,” just like private insurance companies do.  Basically, Obamacare would have to make all of the copays & pay for any deductibles. Doctors do charge money for their services, and high-tech equipment ain’t cheap. The government would then have to pay for the treatment of all the women who tested positive for breast-cancer & incur the cost early-on without many “government customers” pitching into support the new mammoth, socialist program.

If there are less mammograms, there are less positive test-results for breast-cancer, and therefore less treatment would be required in the short-term, which would cost less money. Note: money that you pay to government in tax is being manipulated and withheld from serving you. (Click the pic to read the report)

In a capitalist market, the government is NOT a competitor with a goal to sell a product, or control spending on a product. Rather, government is suppose to oversee the rules, like a referee. America was one of the few countries that “allowed” its citizens to gather, prosper & accrue wealth for themselves. As in the past, other countries allow their government to accrue the wealth & redistribute as it deems.

Obamacare Vs Women

Socialism is government control over industry & the economy. Now your health care (that you deem as sufficient or not) and other industries are no longer controlled “Of, By & For The People.” The People’s demand for a product no longer sets the market-price. Instead, the market-price is controlled “Of, By & For the Government” and its demand. Where your choice used to determine the market-price, now you have no choice. You are forced to follow a misled government-policy that affects your very life.

Perhaps some scrutiny should be given to the phrase, “preventive services.” In reality, the Obamacare Task Force only prevented services for women, who are expressing outrage because their private insurance plans (which now cost more, not less) do not charge deductibles or copays for routine mammograms. Unlike the Obamacare Task Force that Prevents Service, private insurance companies absorb copays & deductibles, so there is no out-of-pocket charge.

In fact, private insurance encourages routine mammograms as a way to avoid more expensive treatment of full-blown breast cancer. More concern swelled as women learned that other critical services & treatments were prevented by Obamacare’s Task Force.

In addition, the following services & treatments were also covered under private insurance plans, but the Obamacare Task Force that Prevents Service did not include “first-dollar coverage” for the following:

  • chlamydia screening in most women over 25;
  • cervical-cancer screening in those over 65;
  • breast-cancer screening using digital mammography
  • breast-cancer MRIs instead of the traditional plain film.
  • Screening for ovarian cancer
  • and testing for genes that raise a women’s risk of breast cancer

Each of the above are serious to life threatening ailments for women.

Fear not, the Obamacare Task Force that Prevents Service does indeed offer “first-dollar coverage” for condoms and abortion. With “equality & equal treatment under the law” in mind, a recent Congressional Budget Office report states that your babies cost too much for the government to raise & provide care for. Therefore, the CBO supports ending the life of your babies, too. “Equal rights” now means the government has an unalienable right to your life & your child’s life.

Speak 4 Life The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) concludes that aborting babies at 20 weeks or later in pregnancy saves money for the government-run, federal-state Medicaid system. The CBO made these determinations when doing its official “Cost Estimate” (See Freedom from Obamacare)

The Government & its out of Control Budget Office is contradicting the very unalienable rights relied upon by Abraham Lincoln, and found in our Declaration of Independence.

Freedom means outlawing any disagreement. Freedom means forcing others to go against their faith. Freedom means abridging everyone’s liberty by using people’s tax-money & denying life-saving services, like mammograms and affordable breast-cancer treatment.

Things get even worse for women and children under Obamacare.

Avastin is a fairly new and highly effective prescription-drug used in treating breast cancer. In most cases, when preventive services performs its actual job and catches breast cancer at an early stage (thanks in no small part to routine mammograms) AVASTIN has an incredible success rate of ridding the body of cancerous tumors.

Many a woman have sung the praises of AVASTIN, having completely recovered from breast cancer and never experiencing remission.


AVASTIN actually cost less than its sister drug LUCENTIS and has the exact same side effects, as the Office of Inspector General for Health and Human Services report clearly shows. The HHS IG report regarding AVASTIN (attached document at end of this article) refers to reports by the National Eye Institute and National Institute for Health. The reports shows the exact same side effects between AVASTIN and LUCENTIS.

Yet under Obamacare, the Food & Drug Administration banned AVASTIN, which is the more *affordable and more effective drug. The FDA under Obamacare cited the “side effect of loss of sight” as the primary reason for its banning AVASTIN despite the HHS-IG, the National Eye Institute & National Institute for Health reports showing the exact same side effect with use of LUCENTIS.

“What difference does it make?!”

One only need recall the $80 billion dollar closed-door deal (NY Times) Barack Obama made with Big Pharma in 2010 to understand the difference. The more *affordable breast cancer drug is already banned, and the more expensive drug with the same side effects is still in use.


AVASTIN could treat more women with breast cancer and do so at a more *affordable rate, but Big Pharma needs profit and Obama colluded with business over the market in a closed-door $80 Billion dollar deal. What’s more is the person responsible for crafting Obamacare recently left her government-job of preventing services. No, she wasn’t fired.

Instead of preventing services to Americans, now Elizabeth Fowler works for who? The architect of Obamacare and its $80 Billion dollar closed-door deal with Big Pharma now works for Big Pharma. Ca-ching!

Here is a certified copy of Obamacare. Note Section 3403(b) An Independent Panel called the “Medical Advisory Board has a goal to reduce the per capita rate of growth in Medicare spending.” As more baby-boomers retire there will be even less money per individual to “spread around,” all while only allowing for the most expensive care, like the FDA choosing LUCENTIS over AVASTIN for you.

You have no choice.

With more expensive treatment and reduced per capita rates (less total spending per individual) the only result is less care. The result of less care is a shorter lifespan. The government does NOT have a right to your life. Period.

Obama’s cronies are cashing-in, off of the suffering and death of Americans.

In millions of cases, Americans were notified that their premiums are now skyrocketing because of Obamacare. In some cases, health care coverage was suspended by employers who are opting to pay the penalty tax for dropping the elective benefit of health insurance. In other cases, businesses are keeping below the 50-employee threshold, while others limit work hours to less than 29 hours in order to avoid the skyrocketing cost of Obamacare.

“If you like your plan, you can keep your plan,” and “if you like your doctor, you can keep your Doctor,” and “My plan will save the average family an average of 2,500 per year,” are all clear lies by the President, who employed a used car-salesman pitch to force ObamaCareLess down the throats of every American.

In fact, more & more plans are being dropped under Obamacare. Recently, Blue Cross even announced they were dropping their care for more than 22,000 poor & disabled people because they “cannot afford the skyrocketing cost of Obamacare.”


Yet, Obamacare still gets worse.

Barack Obama also made a closed-door deal with Karen Ignani of the Insurance Lobby, to accept the individual mandate, leaving more & more Americans less & less free.

No wonder Nanny Pelosi didn’t read the bill before passing it, “We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in the bill,” she shrugged and half-smiled. Well, we know what’s in it now and most Americans I know say, “we will not comply with Obamacare.”

The result of Obamacare is more government cronies cashing-in and getting rich from their big-pharma deals. Sunshine Laws be damned, now you know why the doors were closed when Obama was negotiating. All while more & more people suffer and lose more & more freedom from Obamacare.

Women are especially negatively impacted by Obamacare. Women need routine mammograms and may require a highly-effective and *Affordable cancer treatment, like AVASTIN.

Yet under Obamacare, women have been left with less care, less choice, less preventive services, less effective breast cancer drugs all while incurring higher unemployment, higher cost, higher deductibles, higher co-pays and higher premiums. That is, in the fortunate event that their plan hasn’t already been dropped.

HHS IG REPORT on Avastin (a pdf file on Conservative Report, or go here to the HHS-OIG Site for the report on Avastin)

Breast Cancer Awareness: HHS IG REPORT on Avastin & Macular Degeneration by Conservative Report

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