Outsourcing Terror in #Benghazi

Mission Benghazi
As the story behind, and before the events of September 11, 2012 unfold, Conservative Report is able to offer more clarity into a confusing and uncontrolled situation on the ground in Benghazi. As events escalated in the Middle East in 2011, it became clear to the world that a unique opportunity presented itself to unseat a brutal dictator, who was actively supporting world terror.

As NATO was actively assisting rebels in Libya, bent on overthrowing then dictator Moammar Qadaffi, Barack Obama’s administration was attempting to play a limited, back-seat-role, presumably shying away from an entanglement similar to either Iraq or Afghanistan. Previous to, and concurrent with NATO’s direct involvement with Libyan rebel groups, coalescing under provisional control of Prime Minister Mahmoud Jabril of the Libyan transitional council (TNC), the United States was partnering with Qatar, and actively arming rebel groups (as they had in the past), and the United Arab Emirates had joined in, at a later date.

Syrian al qaedaArms were flowing into Libya.

Again, simultaneous to this, international arms dealers were licking their chops at the profits to be reaped from an unstable Middle East, and the civil war being waged in Libya in particular.

Marc Turi is an infamous American arms trader who maintained residence in both Arizona and Abu Dhabi, was supplying arms to Qatar that were presumably being shipped to Libya. Initially, these arms were both French and Russian, because Turi’s initial application for permission to ship US made arms had been denied by American officials.

It is of interest that, prior to this application, Marc Turi was in email communication with special envoy to the Libyan rebel alliance, J. Christopher Stevens, who agreed to speak to his superiors about Turi’s plan to arm the rebels. This is none other than the Chris Stevens who later became the Libyan ambassador, and was subsequently killed in the raid on the CIA facility in Benghazi.

The Obama administration was being contacted by the Qataris to arm Libyan rebels, and this presented two disparate problems for the President:

On the hand, he was deeply worried about the political ramifications of another military entanglement (with the potential of loss and loss of life) in the upcoming election year. He was worried that failure to assume any role in this would weaken him in the part of the world where he saw a future as world leader.

Secondly, Qatar was a long time ally of the United States, a wealthy and moderate Muslim nation, and a major supplier of natural gas worldwide.

Not only that, but possibly more significant, Qatar fell on the right side of the internecine battle for natural gas involving Turkey, whose Prime Minister is arguably Barack Obama’s closest and possibly only international friend.

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Al-Qaeda-Syria-RebelsThe solution for the Obama Administration was to arm Syrian rebels through our allies Qatar & the UAE,  assuring that no US fingerprints were “left on the murder weapon”, so to speak.  An agreement was forged where US money would be used to purchase foreign manufactured arms and ship them to Libya.

Two flies landed in the US ointment.

First, like any operation where a foreign entity is in charge, you lose control of the operation. As this gun-running was occurring, we had a limited number of CIA posted special forces on the ground in Libya, whose main task was to organize and assist the Libyan rebels. It became clear to them that the arms being shipped for the US by the Qataris were being delivered into the hands of anti-democratic, radical Islamist with strong ties to Al Qaeda. Reports were flying back to DC, apparently only to fall on deaf ears in the administration and presumably by the President.

The second fly was larger.  After being refused his initial request for permission to send US arms to the Libyan rebels in MArch 2011, Marc Turi reapplied in May of 2012 and requested permission to sell US arms to Qatar. This request was approved.

Whether knowingly or unknowingly, US arms were flowing through Qatar, into Libya and presumably winding-up in the hands of Al Qaeda aligned rebel groups.

benghazi_cloud_white_house_10-28-12-2It is of no little interest that a scant two months later, Marc Turi’s home in Arizona was raided by agents of the Department of Homeland Security. Mr. Turi stated that he believed that this raid, and the ongoing investigation into his arms dealing, is in direct response to his legal supply of US weapons to Qatar, and the fact that the Qataris “handed them out like candy”, with little concern about what factions received them.

Conservative Report has reported that the Benghazi CIA mission was tasked with collecting arms from forces supporting the Qaddafi regime. The CIA was tasked to track, and destroy them. We also reported that, in fact, those weapons were seized. Videos were made to prove to NATO that the US had destroyed them, yet we only destroyed the “non-functional arms” or those rendered inoperable.

The operable arms were shipped through Turkey to arm Syrian rebels, many of whom are reported to be at least sympathetic to Al Qaeda. What is important to note, is that the US was also disarming the very Al Qaeda rebels that we armed through Qatar.

This action angered the Al Qaeda rebel group, Ansar al-Shariah, who ultimately attacked the Benghazi facility. Informed sources are telling Conservative Report that a significant part of the 2012 Benghazi mission was to seize US manufactured weapons from Al Qaeda rebels (Ansar al Sharia), in order to cover-up the fact that they had been shipped.



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