Raising Taxes, Reducing Success

As America approaches the “fiscal cliff,” the germane question is whether the real goal of the Obama administration is to close the budget deficit by some combination of budget cuts & revenue enhancements targeted at the rich, or if the Democrat’s goal is just a continuation of the “war on wealth,” waged by this administration since its inception.

When we look at the President’s speech, what is absolutely glaring is his insistence on only revenue increases collected from those who make over $250,000 a year.

If you take him at his word, he’ll negotiate anything as long as the wealthy are taxed more. Proposals could cut Medicare, defense spending, tax breaks for families, care of the mentally ill, but not maintaining marginal rates on the rich, with the same respect.

Based on his word and his word alone, one would have to believe that his single most important agenda—the only agenda he is unwilling to negotiate on—is that the American government reduces the wealth of the wealthy.

The only assumption that can be made from this is that his goal—the only one—is to attack success.  To punish achievers. My friends, be not fooled. This is the flagship of his administration, to fan the flames of class warfare, to pit the haves and have-nots against each other.

No other agenda matters to Barack Obama and the radical left.

And every world leader who has held this agenda as their first has otherwise been called, by themselves, a communist.



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