Pushing Back: Illegal Immigration


For weeks now, the news is that we are being inundated with a new wave of illegal immigration and border crashers, many of them children. The number of these intruders is unknown, but one estimate is that 290,000 have crossed into the United States in the last few months alone. Thousands more are expected to follow, including a huge increase in unaccompanied children.

Americans are being told it would be impossible to return the influx of illegal immigration back to their homeland, although the initial goal would be to reunite children with parents. The deportation effort and the cost would be too great.


From June 27, 1948 to May 12, 1949, the United States completed 270,000 flights into Berlin, Germany to defeat a Soviet truck and rail blockade, delivering over two million tons of food and other necessities to the residents of the city surrounded by Russian troops. Without that effort, many would have starved. The city wouldn’t have survived to “need” a Berlin Wall, and that wall wouldn’t have been there to fall. The Cold War might still be going strong today if the USSR hadn’t been dragged down by it’s many mistakes, foremost among them the effort to maintain an East Germany within which West Berlin shone as an example of freedom in the midst of Communist tyranny.

Mass deportation is not the right solution to our illegal immigrantion situation, but if America could carry off the 1948-1949 Berlin Airlift in about ten months, using piston-driven propeller aircraft, America could send twelve million people home, if need be.  All America would need is the will to turn illegals away and the time to do so.

It certainly seems like establishment Republican elites would rather carry out a Berlin Airlift-style mass deportation of illegals rather than appeal to their sense of being pro-life and pro-family to garner any favor at the polls, the latest of which give both Barack Obama and Congress a failing grade in handling the border crisis. Both are also considering to throw more money at the problem, rewarding bad behavior, despite America’s $17.5 trillion dollar National Debt problem compounded by a constricted $20 trillion Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Just a few short months ago, the Congressional Budget Office warned of bankruptcy, which is what happens when the National Debt equals more than the Gross Domestic Product. Director of the CBO — a Democrat — Doug Elmendorf estimated that under Obama, America is adding $1.5 trillion dollars of debt per year. In just a couple of years, we would add $3 trillion to our current $17.5 trillion, eclipsing our GDP, spelling certain bankruptcy for the first time since the prolonged stock market crash in the 1930s under Franklin Roosevelt. And that was with Elmendorf estimating economic growth at 3 % per year, before the economy’s most recent 3% shrinkage this past quarter — following another 1% loss the quarter prior last.

With economic peril on our front doorstep, the last thing America needs is more spending, especially on more socialism.



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One thought on “Pushing Back: Illegal Immigration”

  1. peachteachr says:

    There would have to be a collective desire for any solution to be considered. Obama does not want a solution; he just wants his way, as any 2 year old who is throwing tantrum does.

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