#Anonymous: Big-Bro 2.0 & Gov Surveillance

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Washington D.C.
Conservative Report Radio interviews  “Thesius”, an Occupy Wall Street and Anonymous insider.  Thesius is on Twitter here and spoke about the roots of Anonymous, 4Chan and the growing political-split within the group, which is being exposed by more and more members.

The main content of the interview was relative “Trap Wire” here – a government surveillance system which tracks wi-fi and employs facial recognition. It was first exposed by Anonymous, who promises to take down the intrusive system on behalf of all Americans, “even if they have to put Vaseline over the camera lens,” said Thesius.

Also discussed was Neal Rauhauser. Many of the Anonymous members believe Neal Rauhauser is a FBI informant here. Given the great deal of exposure Rauhauser has already garnered regarding his violent-political motivation here one can understand the doubt by some members behind the claim. Rauhauser was the ring-leader of “Twittergate: Violent Threats Made in 2010 Election” here and is also connected to radical-leftist & convicted terrorist, Brett Kimberlin – The Speedway Bomber here.

Others believe Rauhauser is only trying to co-opt the movement for his own political & financial gain, much like the Union bosses. According to several sources, Rauhauser is behind the twitter account “AnonyOps” here and “AnonyNewsNet” here

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“Conservative Report Interviews Anonymous: Govt Surveillance & Big Brother 2.0”


Anonymous recently sent a message to Neal Rauhauser aka “AnonyOps



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14 thoughts on “#Anonymous: Big-Bro 2.0 & Gov Surveillance”

  1. Anonymous is for the people, they are not against us. they seek out the bad guys to see what they are up to, and they can tell us plenty.

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