North Korea Test-Rocket Recovered

NK Test Rocket

Jeffrey Lewis, of Arms Control Wonk, has obtained exclusive photos of North Korea’s most recently failed test rocket. While some photos hit the press immediately and drew all of the real rocket scientists out of the woodwork, they did so prematurely before pictures of the engines had been published.

Lewis’ set of photos includes those photos of the engines which is undoubtedly central to any analysis an commentary discussions on the topic. Below are just a few of the photographs obtained by Lewis. For all of them please visit the original post here. Lewis includes 11 pictures in all with links to analysis sources from his previous research that shouldn’t be overlooked.

With the passing of The Great Leader, Kim Jung Il, the world has been skeptically watching his son Kim Jung-Un oversee the nuclear powered totalitarian state. I say “oversee” because North Korea is the only “necrocracy” on the planet. Kim Jung-Il, nor his son that has recently succeeded him, are actually the leaders of the country.

Kim Ill-Sung, the president since the formation of North Korea, is actually the “eternal president” even in death.

The newest leader, Kim Jung-Un, since taking office has talked of the re-unification of North and South Korea. As did his father and his grandfather. But this is not a peaceful merger. Nor is it one that the South would willingly agree to.

The leaders of the North just believe the two should be reunited.

Their only reasoning and justification has remained simple and unchanged: Korea should be one country. And the South actually wants to share in the global supremacy achieved by the North under the eternal president and great leader.

Today, Human Events columnist Robert Maginnis, is having a go at the challenges facing the Obama administration in dealing with North Korea. Their nearly perfected isolationism combined with improvements in their nuclear arsenal, has made them the only truly unique guest sitting at the diplomacy round-table.

According to Maginnis, this gives the administration “limited options” in dealing with the boy dictator of Pyongyang. But is that necessarily a bad thing? Diplomacy in itself has grown rather complicated due to the nature of our discussions with other countries.

And they have done so because there are multiple variables associated with any negotiations. But with North Korea it is rather simple and these limited options should be an advantage rather than a liability.

We could just lay down an ultimatum; a luxury we do not have in dealing with any other country in the world. Unfortunately its not that simple. We would offend the tyrants of the UN is we did such a thing. After all, ultimatums are their thing.



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