Another Big Govt Liberal Replacing Barney Frank: Joe Kennedy III

Congressional races are being run all over the country, sending average citizens with “real world” experience to Washington D.C. One such contest is the MA-4 race between Sean Bielat (R) and Joe Kennedy III (D) to replace the retiring Barney Frank.

Order has once again been restored to the universe as the league’s official-officials have returned to the football field, once again. Every season has its share of drama in the fall legacy, but due to the league’s failure to reach a contract agreement with the National Referee’s Association, the first 3 weeks have already surpassed all expectations. Players, coaches, and fans alike were forced to endure games filled with inconsistent penalties, missed calls, a rise in on-field scuffles, and interruptions to the pace of the game. Hey, who let Joe Biden onto the field?

It’s frustrating to watch people get more exercised over incompetent referees shafting their favorite team with a ‘bad call,’ than they do over politicians directly shafting them every single day.

The ineptness of the replacement refs seems to parallel that of the Washington bureaucrats.

Whether it be tax policy, energy policy, immigration policy, Obamacare, Stimulus or Quantative Easing —scab politicians are forcing an all-time high inflation-rate onto the American people, making the cost of everything for skyrocket. This practice of tax and spend has the worst impact on the poor, as fuel prices near $4.50/gal,  grocery cost continue rise due to the increased shipping cost, and electric bills climb higher & higher. The poor and middle class go cold over the winter, listening to their politicians talk about their new spending bill for non-existent energies of the future.

Many people are of the opinion that political expertise is the only kind that matters when it comes to holding elective office, even though most politicians have little or no private sector experience. President Obama says “You didn’t build that”, because he’s never had to create a product or provide a service within the private sector. Yet, we expect Obama and other politicians to fix the economy?

It’s time to start rethinking our representation.

While Sean Bielat has engaged people at numerous town hall meetings, Joe Kennedy III has literally kept them at arm’s length—a quick handshake is the extent of Kennedy’s meet and greet. In addition, only three debates have been scheduled and—per a request by the Kennedy campaign—no debates will be broad-casted live on TV.

In fact, it’s in Joe Kennedy’s interest to keep his positions hidden, or his inexperience would be as glaring as the October sun during a westward evening commute.

Public scrutiny would reveal that Joe Kennedy desires to end “cheap oil”, while claiming that his top priority is to bring jobs back to the district. Is he ignorant of the fact that such a move would decimate the economy, or does he believe that the people are ignorant of that fact?

Scrutiny would also reveal Kennedy’s ignorance of world geography, as he was insistent during a televised primary debate that Tel Aviv is the capital of Israel, but did he actually believe that or was he dancing Obama’s jig?

The public should also know that Kennedy also has very little work experience, none of which is in the private sector. Like Obama, he doesn’t know what it’s like to develop a business plan, formulate a budget, manage a staff, oversee inventory, generate a marketing strategy, and do it all while trying to navigate through a sea of taxes and regulations. However, these vulnerabilities are easily swept under the rug.

He’s a Kennedy after all, and the sense of entitlement is also pervasive among the political elites.

Sean Bielat has no reason to hide where he stands on the issues. Positions based on common sense are easily defended. For all of the political pandering to the middle class, wouldn’t it make sense to elect someone who deals with the concerns of the “average Joe” everyday? Bielat lives off a budget, not a trust fund. Has Joe Kennedy ever had to worry about where the money’s going to come from if the car breaks down?

Sean Bielat is a businessman who has spent several years in the free market. He knows firsthand about the challenges that businesses face and how an overkill of government regulations and tax hikes affect the ability of a business to function or even survive. Unfortunately, the Kennedy “family business” is about politics, not the private sector.

Sean Bielat is a family man. He’s a husband and the father of two small children. He has “skin in the game”. As the USA is currently $16 trillion in debt, and counting, Bielat wonders what kind of country will be left for his children to inherit. Will Joe Kennedy ever know what it feels like to worry about the future of his kids, or will he be able to shield them from it with Kennedy wealth, safely tucked away in a trust fund and protected from the estate tax… the way his Uncle Teddy did, while raising taxes on everyone else?

And Sean Bielat is a Marine, a service that speaks for itself.  So, why would anyone already spending more money result of failed policy, be seriously considering another Kennedy? If “it’s broke” then idea is to fix it, not break it even more.

Just as putting on zebra stripes doesn’t make a Foot Locker employee qualified to officiate in the NFL, wearing the Kennedy name doesn’t make Joe III fit to serve in Congress. We’ve spent the first 3 weeks of the NFL season watching the clown show on the football field, and we’ve spent the last 3 years of the Obama administration watching the clown show in DC.

Thankfully, the NFL lockout with the refs has been settled, and integrity can finally be restored to the game. Restoring integrity to government however, requires more diligence. This election represents the opportunity of the people to let Washington know that we’re paying attention, and electing Sean Bielat and others like him would be a good place to start. If the voters of MA-4 are as angry about the corruption within the current administration as they were about the questionable calls made during the New England/Baltimore game, they will flat out reject the Obama “rubber stamp” known as Joe Kennedy III.

And wouldn’t that be another shot heard around the world?



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