GOP Disgrace: #MSsen Cochran


Tuesday was a tough night for Tea Party Conservatives. The Republican Establishment, once again using its worst tricks against Conservative Republicans, actively succeeded in campaigning as, and gaining enough of the Liberal Democrat vote for Thad Cochran to fend off the valiant effort of young Chris McDaniel. And now Mississippi, after years of having a pork barrel Senator, has once again returned one of the biggest to Washington.

Looking at modern day America and all of the problems we face, most of them created by a government more interested in maintaining itself in power than working for America, perhaps a look back to some of our darkest hours as a nation will help put today’s plight in perspective. We need to be reminded of the days so many years ago when a band of brave men risked their wealth, families and their own lives to found this country we call home.

Think about George Washington and the Continental Army leading up to the Battle of Trenton, a victory which restored their hope and energy after many defeats. Hungry, dejected and with many of his men lacking the basic necessities including shoes in bitter cold weather, they nonetheless labored on and won the day. Had Trenton been lost the Army would have very likely fallen apart but instead they fought on, ultimately defeating Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown and gaining the freedom from oppression that they so eagerly sought.

While today’s tribulations are not nearly so bad, at least not yet, it is hard to comprehend how far we as a nation and society have fallen so fast. Our relationship as citizens with our government is becoming King George-like, only worse. We have a central government that is power crazy, intent on knowing everything we think and do and wanting to dictate our every action, and so many are just going quietly along, losing the very rights that so many fought and died for with nary a thought.

And it’s not just at the federal level, with many changes at the state and local levels that indicate many of our citizens have lost their zeal for freedom and individuality. Within the last year New York City has elected a mayor who is openly a Marxist, wanting to turn a city that was cleaned up and made bright again by Rudy Giuliani into another cesspool like it was under David Dinkins. Virginia, the Mother of Presidents, has elected a radical leftist with Clinton ties, Terry McAuliffe, a man with no guiding moral principles and who believes in everything that is “big government” over a man who was the first out of the blocks to openly challenge and fight the abomination we know as Obamacare.
Virginia used to be a reliable red state but with the growth of the Washington suburbs which is home to the bureaucratic apparatus that works in the Nation’s Capital, Governor McAuliffe was elected running on a left wing platform right out of the Obama playbook. He is, in effect, a placeholder for Obama, ready and willing to fulfill his wishes if he can force them through the Republican establishment controlled legislature.

But even of more significance is the lack of strength and will of those in Washington who are supposed to be known as the loyal opposition. The key term here is opposition, not loyal. Under Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, and despite many elected members with views to the contrary, these “leaders” are doing everything they can to undercut conservatism and maintain a corrupt status quo that looks after itself instead of the people who elected them in the first place. They have no backbone, they have no guiding value structure other than politics, and they are miserable failures in what they do.

Why do I say this? Well, although there are many other reasons, just look at the big one: Obamacare. Americans by the millions are hurting today and many others are fearful of what is coming. Why? Because they are staring at a mandated health system which they can’t afford, which will probably not have many doctors left to service, and which will ultimately bankrupt them. And what do the Republican establishment “leaders” do? In one word they do nothing, sittng back and hoping that the system will just implode.

And that’s why real Conservatives took the loss by McDaniel so hard, because he would have been a great assist to the Ted Cruz and Mike Lee wing of the party which is trying to return it to the people. Thad Cochran, coupled with the likes of John McCain, McConnell and those of their ilk, will continue to “wheel and deal” and compromise with the left to the continued detriment of the country. Oh, they claim that if they win the Senate and maintain control of the House that they will stand and fight against Obama and his clear violation of the Constitution, but if they are true to their usual form they won’t.

While we live for another day, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the speed of dismantling the country by a corrupt administration is only increasing. Frankly, we’re running out of time.

And on top of this they will bend every rule and pull every trick to try to “slip” an immigration law into place that will open the gates to a lifetime of further destruction of America. The borders have been opened by the government to change the entire culture of America as they put the lawless illegals ahead of American citizens at the beck and call of the Chamber of Commerce, a once proud organization that now will sacrifice the country for personal riches.

Folks, there are only two words for this and they were spoken by none other than Billy Graham in his final presentation to America last year: Greed and Corruption. Greed and corruption from top to bottom in the national political establishment is rapidly killing America and destroying her very soul.

Will we continue to sit silently by and watch the nation we love crumble or will we get involved and work hard to insist on change that puts America once again responsive to the call of freedom from tyranny? Will we return our country to a land which rewards initiative and self-sufficiency or continue to grow the crony capitalist business system? One thing is certain, if we don’t do something to defeat the route step Democrats in November and demand that elected Republicans respond to the base, not the business titans, America is dead.

So let’s get her off the socialist breathing machine and get America breathing sweet fresh air again. 2014 is the first big step: Are we up to it?

God bless you all. Let’s do this together.



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