Benghazi Gun Running: Iran, Syria, Russia

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16 November 2012

by Chip Jones

While the country intellectually “channel surfs” between the Petraeus Sex Scandal, the questions of voter fraud, the imminent resignations of administration officials and the ever present pall of Benghazi, let’s put on the table the yet unexplained but critical geo-political underpinnings of the burgeoning scandal behind Benghazi. Much like everything in the Middle East, the story behind the story that’s behind the story of our “embassy” in Benghazi is one of global petrochemicals. But before we get there, we need to review a little history of our “embassy” in Benghazi.

First off, the location in Benghazi is not an Embassy.

America’s embassy in Libya is located in the capital city of Tripoli—not Benghazi. The compound at Benghazi is no more than a CIA facility set-up to arm the ‘rebels’ during the Libyan Civil War that ultimately overthrew Moammar Qadaffi. It is important to note, as it turns out, the Libyan ‘rebels’ were substantially al Qaeda and/or al Qaeda linked.

After the United States’ successful stint at “leading from behind” in the Libyan campaign, this CIA “gun store” shifted purposes. Now (or at least on Sept. 11), the CIA “gun store” was being used for a similar purpose.

Instead of arming the Libyan rebels, it was repurposed to arm ‘rebels’ in Syria who are opposing the Assad Regime. Given Assad’s jaded history of human rights violations, this, on the surface, has some appeal.

Do not view Syria through rose colored glasses, and from the focal point of a “feel good policy,” but consider the real interest at stake: Syria is the holder of one of the largest natural gas reserves on the planet. As with all large petrochemical reserves, there is a line of folks who would like to get their greedy furnaces wrapped around them.

Enter two factions:

On one hand, there is the coalition comprised of Russia, China, Iran and Syria, who intends to harvest the natural gas and build a pipeline to Georgia, freeing the sale of this precious natural gas to the petrochemical guzzling giants of Russia and China. On the other, is Turkey & Qatar, who back the Syrian rebels out of a profit motive from the sale of that same natural gas via pipeline to the Mediterranean.

In the most clandestine of ways, Israel is partnering with Turkey, Qatar & the Syrian ‘rebels’ forming the most unholy of unholy alliances. They are throwing their lot in because the devil of the unknown Syrian is better than the devil of the known Iran, who would undoubtedly use the proceeds of this pipeline to complete its nuclear program.

Israel’s role has been confined to simply amassing a troop buildup on the Golan Heights that border Syria. This coupled with a bellicose Turkey on its other border leaves Assad’s Syria strapped militarily, necessitated by facing the two threats on its opposing borders, and leaving them vulnerable to the Syrian rebels who can slowly pick their bones.

What is interesting, but certainly not a coincidence, is that this very plan for the destabilization of Syria was developed at the Brookings Institute, the DC think tank. Now, let’s “fast forward” to Benghazi and the American role in this geo-political chess game, other than just the Brookings strategy. It is well known that President Obama’s only true personal friend on the world stage is the Prime Minister of Turkey. So, we need to look carefully at who the direct-link is, arming the Syrian rebels, and that is Turkey.

Does Turkey have advanced-weapon manufacturers? No, of course not. Does Turkey even have a wealthy central government? No.

In steps the Prime Minister of Turkey’s good buddy, President Obama. Paraphrasing and shortening, I assume words of this kind passed between the PM of Turkey & Barack Obama, “Mr. Prime Minister, I happen to have this CIA ‘gun store’ in Benghazi….”

The CIA compound in Benghazi was collecting weapons from Libyan’s, who were once loyal to Qadaffi. The CIA was then rendering the weapons ‘as outdated, in disrepair, or inoperable’—thus creating a constant stream of seized-weapons to satisfy NATO, and  shipping the “operable weapons” to Syria via Turkey, through clandestine channels. Ladies and Gentlemen, here’s the rub.

Guess who the Syrian rebels are? Those of you who answered: “Al Qaeda,” would be correct. So, what we have here is the second instance where the CIA facility in Benghazi was used to arm Al Qaeda. And by the textbook definition, the act of arming your enemies is called Treason.



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    Neocon war crimes should be prosecuted . Think tanks should be sunk . Overturn the patroit act and the ndaa. That would be just a start. The Corrections Corporation of America has cell spaces for the U.S. War criminals.

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  3. Why is this article posted without a ‘dateline’? Do you make a habit of this?

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