Obama Supported Stand Your Ground Law


The “Redd Foxx President” is stumbling and bumbling through a junkyard of an administration, and quickly losing control of it. This week alone, the gods of history and current events have kicked him to his knees, twice, over one of his alleged primetime issues: the stand your ground law.

First, national news got a hold of a “little ditty,” chronicling Obama’s support for a “stand your ground” law in Illinois, as a state senator. In fact, Barack Obama co-sponsored the legislation in 2004.

This came on the heels of an impromptu press conference in the White House Press Room, where the President waxed philosophical, and used the opportunity to begin his assault on “Stand Your Ground”, which had nothing to do with the Zimmerman trial anyway.

What a difference a decade makes. Yet nowhere in the subsequent days has he made any effort to reconcile this disparate set of opinions, or tell us why it may be different.

It does, however, leave the unpleasant taste in one’s mouth that possibly the difference here is that “stand your ground” in Illinois was designed to help African Americans defend themselves from “black on black crime” which accounts for 93% of all murders in Chicago alone. Yet maybe this “white Hispanic”, George Zimmerman should not be afforded the same protection?

Then, the other shoe fell.

The “despised, racist, hateful George Zimmerman” pulls up to a near fatal, rollover-car-accident, and with another bystander pulls four potentially injured passengers to safety. The man liberals like President Obama have been referring to as a “cop wannabe” is now appearing like a “cop shouldabeen” and is being touted as a hero by police both at the Sanford, FLA Police Department and by the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office.

Mr. President, you simply cannot lead from both sides of an issue, and in trying to do so, you mortgage the last shred of moral high ground you had. You simply cannot maintain the respect of a united United States by partnering with race mongers who want to use the unfortunate events to inflame minorities against a white majority by vilifying a pretty decent guy caught in a very untenable situation….especially when he turns around and acts heroic right afterwards.

Makes you wonder if that sound you hear from the Living Quarters at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue might not sound a lot like, “I’m comin’, Elizabeth!” and a President holding his chest over one particular “Son of Sanford”.



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39 thoughts on “Obama Supported Stand Your Ground Law”

  1. facebook_vincent.ardolino says:

    Why can’t we #impeachObama when a majority of Americans want him gone? Its time to midigate our damages, get Obama and his criminal associates out of the WhiteHouse. Maybe @JudgeJeanine can help answer this question.

  2. facebook_vincent.ardolino says:

    Majority of Americans say #IMPEACHOBAMA but nothing happens? Maybe @JudgeJeannie can help answer that question. We need to mitigate our damages which we cant even start doing until we get Obama and his co-conspirators out of office. Maybe @darrelIssa will muster up the courage to #GETITDONE and #IMPEACH #OBAMA

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