Major Meehan: Stone in a Sling


Conservative Report was first made aware of Major Scott A. Meehan (Retired) last August, when his book detailing the capture of Saddam Hussein was first released. As it turned out, the 25 year Veteran of the US Army played a pivotal role in gathering intelligence leading to Hussein, who was eventually found hiding in a “spider hole.”

Detailed in his book, a group of vendors doing business with Major Meehan came forward because they trusted Scott. The contractors led Major Meehan to a safe house, where the man hiding Saddam Hussein at his residence (in a below-ground, make-shift bunker) was found.

After being captured by the US Army, Saddam Hussein was eventually charged & found guilty of genocide, having killed hundreds of thousands of his own people, and found guilty of crimes against humanity, having killed over one million Iranians.

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Stone in a Sling recounts Major Meehan’s amazing twenty-five year career serving the United States Army, from his time in Special Forces, to his time in ROTC, to his Commission in Military Intelligence & eventual return to service as a government contractor assigned in Iraq.

The book features Major Meehan’s time in Berlin, during the climax of the Cold War against Communist Russia, and goes full circle to the brutality of Saddam Hussein, in the sands of Iraq.  Stone In A Sling is the ultimate soldier’s journey.

After getting to know Major Meehan over the course of the last year, it was apparent that, not only is Scott a humble man, but he has an incredible all-American-story to share & IUniverse Inc agrees. The publishing company recently picked-up his book & it has now been re-released. The paperback is available from Barnes & Noble here or you can check out Major Meehan on Kindle via Amazon here

  • You can also find Major Meehan on Twitter here, on Facebook here, and can read his articles on his website here

A summary of his book is as follows & at the end of the article, is Conservative Report Radio’s first interview with Major Scott A Meehan (retired). Just hit play, and you can enjoy an hour-long conversation with Major Meehan, that features Chip Jones “breaking news” on Benghazi.

Meehan tweetStone In A Sling
 is the true, gripping story of a soldier named Scott Meehan and his experiences over a 25-year military career. Starting his career as a private and retiring as a major, Meehan is a professional who puts duty and honor above self-interest.

Beginning in the city of Bogota with a terrorist bombing, the journey weaves through the path of intrigue during the Cold War in Berlin, and intensifies during Desert Storm, reaching its philosophical and theological conclusion in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Scott sets you right into the action with a book that is hard to put down, vividly describing military life portraying the army wife and family, daily irritations of the desert, exploding bombs, and wintery cold of Berlin.

His accounts of the miracles, his relationship with God, and relationships with multicultural people across the globe depict a study in character, values, integrity, faith and selflessness.

This is an unforgettable account about a man who embodies the best in our nation–and the good in us all.

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