SCOTUS Polices EBay: Your Local Flea Market is Next


The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear a case which is nothing more than an attempt to raise sales tax on all goods that are resold. It will effect everything you buy & sell on Ebay, your local garage sales, flea market—even your farmers markets are sure to be next on big government’s “enemy’s list.”

I have been going to the flea market every weekend to sell the things I find to be least important in my life. Things that take up space, and have made for nothing but  clutter. I have plans to be more mobile in the future, to be able to pack and go as I see fit. Not only because I have no ties in the town I now reside, but also because I no longer trust the government under which I live.

I prefer just to go unnoticed and to fight important battles that mean something to me, to my children, and to my way of life. That being said, let’s take a few minutes to discuss the government’s intrusion into every facet of our lives, even down to what we buy & sell on ebay.

Once can scarcely fathom the Supreme Court even scheduling “Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons” to be heard, yet there it is on the court’s docket.  The case has do with “copyright holder” laws.When you purchase something, like a CD or video-game, the copyright law protecting the proprietor is satisfied with the “first purchase.”   You can re-sell the item without monetary-benefit going to the proprietor.  You own the object and you are allowed to keep any profit resulting from re-sale. But this all may change soon, and a copyright fee (a/k/a sales tax) may soon be assessed to the transaction.

You don’t think so? Consider this: the Supreme Court just screwed the people regarding the government take over of Health Care. It shouldn’t be a shock for them to hear this case, whose argument is made simply as a means of ripping people off, in just another form.

It has always been an understanding in my little slice of life, that once I purchase something—whether it be a  cd, video, car, house—the purchase price afforded me the right to ownership.

Have we reached a point in America that nothing, and I do mean nothing, is as it seems, but more so, nothing is as simply complicated as it once was? The lies under which we grew up are coming home to roost and we are just getting to the point of seeing it for the ugly that it is, or, has Washington attained a level of perversion and greed that cannot be shoved under a rug any longer? Are you awake yet, America, are you seeing the world for what it is, and are you enjoying the slide show? One slide at a time, the lives you thought you were leading are being stripped, taxed, mowed over, flushed.. pick an adjective, I am sure it applies someplace in the world in which you see yourself.

I cannot remember a time, no matter how far back I go in my life, that I haven’t enjoyed a yard sale, flea market, corner market, or a lemonade stand. All of these are staples in the American way of life. Yet, now

 these staples of everyday life are being questioned in our court rooms and tried by activist judges, as individual liberty is threatened more and more, each day.

America is a nation under attack from all sides, and it is time that we address even the smallest of issues with a bold and loud voice.Now, Obamacare decides where to place value on our health care as it threatens our ability to make individual choices regarding our own health. Michelle is busy trying to tell us what food, and how much of it our children should eat. In places like New York, the mayor even outlawed  soft-drinks over 24 ounces (to collect double the taxes, no doubt).

For some, the mere survival of their families depends on their ability to give up something treasured in their lives by taking it to a flea market, or having a yard sale. People sell goods individually in order to put food on the table for their children, for themselves, and though they have given up so much in the age of Obamanomics, people have still not lost their sense of pride. They take their possessions and resell them in hopes of making it one more week, one more month, and yet, with all they have given up, the Supreme Court is now considering a law that hinders their ability to maintain their own pride, maintain their own way of life, even though they sell parts of those very lives in order to continue living..

How dare the Supreme Court consider such a case. What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is yours. If this is brought to fruition, the Supreme Court will be no better than thieves who take what is not theirs.

When a thief breaks into your house, stealing the possessions you worked so hard to attain for yourself and your family,  the homeowner has every right to protect their possessions—with force, if necessary. How do we deal with a government that invades even the tiniest part of our lives, when it literally takes the value we pay for, and that which is literally ours for the benefit of another?

Why must it be that the theft of our property; our belongings, our meager earnings are constantly up for grabs with the appetites of an insatiable government? How can it be that everything is not enough?

This out-of-control government already mandated its health care priorities upon the working people, who are already struggling to put food on the table, gas in their car, heat in their homes, and clothes on their backs. This out-of-control government also mandated the theft of value that families have traditionally relied on, invested in and retired with, while trying to spread our wealth out of our homes under fraudulent sub-prime mortgage practices.

And now, to add acid to the already gaping wound, the Supreme Court is considering charging these same families for reselling what they have already purchased? Is there no limit to the gross improprieties perpetrated upon the American people.



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