#ACA: The Conscientious Objector Clause


While Americans rally across the country over a partially shutdown federal government, Republicans & Democrats are ready to “kick the can down the road” for yet another day. Maybe another day when there’s not so much turmoil facing the nation. With the failure of Obamacare to properly launch & its shutdown website, turmoil is not end’s sight. And good luck waiting for that day, because a signed federal budget has not existed since 2009.

Most attempts at achieving a signed federal budget (preferably a balanced one) have all but been aborted by our Representatives. No matter what side of the aisle you fall-on in this never-ending blame game, the reason for the shutdown is because a Federal Budget has not been passed by the Legislative Branch and signed by the Executive Branch since 2009. Obama’s record-level spending of $3.7 T/year has been locked-in ever since, doubling George Bush’s all-time high annual budget of $2T in 2006. Only a minute $100 Billion dollars per year has been “sequestered,” and Democrats can still be heard crying over so little a cut in their overboard spending habit.

A Federal Budget has not been in place since before Congress passed the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (PPACA) with a simple-majority vote in 2010. While citizens have six months to enroll in Obamacare, we are still paying for Obamacare right now and over 80% of registrants were reportedly unable to process or “non-payees”. In short, we are paying for a service enforced by the “not-so apolitical” IRS, and that service remains unavailable. The IRS might refer to Obamacare’s shortcomings as “fraud.”

Moreover, the issue facing America is not just economic in nature. America is not just about the economy, nor just about other people’s wealth, nor just about opportunity.

Obamacare has more issues than just its resulting cut in jobs, its skyrocketing insurance premiums, its soaring health care deductibles, and its inequitable exemptions. America finds itself with an issue of Freedom being impeded by Obamacare, its open practice of abortion and the government reigning over our individual right to life, which health care directly impacts.

The Declaration of Independence is the preamble of the Constitution and features a list of recognized rights of humankind. It’s also part of the Charters of Liberty, which President Abraham Lincoln relied upon in order to achieve Liberty for all. The two founding documents are never separated, and only g0 ignored by some. The Declaration also details the relationship between the people and their government. It is derived from the Magna Carta, which was also served on the King of England in order to preserve Liberty. American Independence is considered the flame of enlightenment because its standard of governance is based on “the Laws of Nature, and of Nature’s God.” Laws must be supported by the natural sciences, and must not violate (or abridge) the individual right to properly exercise their faith.


Can Americans honestly say they “support equality and freedom” with regards to the Right to Life, documented in the 14th Amendment? Do we support the equal right to life with the eugenics of government-funding the abortion of innocent children? Is it okay to discriminate against children of a certain age? Some say, “abortion is a matter of personal conscience and cannot be governed,” right? Funny, the same crowd argues that “government should spread the wealth around” using a false moral argument disguising taxes as charity. The difference, of course, is taxes are mandated. Charity is given of free-will, and is a “matter of personal conscience”. Still, there is disagreement, but are those you disagree with allowed to be equal & free, too? Is there equal treatment under the law for everyone?

In the military, especially with military drafts during war-time, there exist a Conscientious Objector Clause. This clause protects men and women from combat status in the event they feel taking a human life is immoral.

As a Veteran of the United States Air Force, I was in Basic Military Training during Desert Storm. Like now, the military was an all-volunteer force. One of my classmates was truly struggling and eventually filed C.O. paperwork. He did not want to contribute to the death of another human, even during war-time. The US Air Force allowed my classmate to discharge from the military without graduating BMT. He wouldn’t be forced to contribute to the death of another, because in America, we have a right to our own conscience.


We have the freedom to exercise our own pursuit of happiness. We have the freedom to assemble together and exercise our own speech. We have the freedom to worship and practice our own faith. We have the freedom to not participate in activities we find immoral. You see, we Americans always have a choice to opt-out based on our own sovereignty, and our own conscience.

This is the very bedrock of individual freedom and unalienable rights for all, as outlined in our First Amendment of the Bill of Rights. The Right to Life is not about religion. It is the standard of the Founding Documents. The standard is not quantified by age, nor qualified by wealth, nor qualified by opportunity. There is no minimum qualification one need meet to have the Right to Life. Instead, we are Created naturally with the Right to Life already in tact. If we qualify or quantify the right to life, then the unalienable right to personal liberty & right to the personal pursuit of happiness can also be undermined. Our rights can then be intentionally aborted by government rulers.

It is the very freedom that so many have voluntarily laid down their lives, and laid down the lives of their loved ones to protect. The human right to life is so important, that most servicemen & women volunteer during combat so that others might live.

Speak Up

The Military is an all-volunteer force, but funding a practice that directly contradicts the equal Right to Life and results in death is not done on a voluntary basis. You must pay your taxes and under Obamacare, your taxes go directly to fund the destruction of a growing human life. In addition, the Mexico City Plan, USAID, UNFPA & 17 states also use Federal tax dollars to do the same. The total amount of taxpayer dollars spent on abortion without respect to the Hyde Amendment is about $2 Billion dollars per year.

Objecting is not about making abortion illegal. This is about the Government forcing other Americans to pay for it, thus breaking their right to conscience by contributing to the death of another. THIS is about guaranteeing every American equal-treatment under tha law. Everyone should have the same “choice” that is only allowed some, and not granted to all.  As Lincoln said, “divided we fall,” and so will our right to be free.

It doesn’t matter if you are a Libertarian, a Democrat or a Republican. It doesn’t matter if you are pro-choice or pro-life. The Founding Documents supersede your party, and your political ambition. Thus, the military has a Conscientious Objector Clause for those of us who do not want to contribute in ending life.

“To tax a man for things he disagrees with is both sinful and abhorrent,” Thomas Jefferson (author of the Declaration of Independence & unalienable rights)


As the stalemate of a shutdown government continues, please let’s remember to maintain freedom for all people, even those you may not agree with about a major issue like the Right to Life. Please, let’s allow every individual their RIGHT to file Conscientious Objector paperwork. Afterall, they are being forced by our intrusive government to voluntarily fund the death of an innocent human life without provocation. One could even take it a step further and rightly promote that each American ought to have the right to file a Conscientious Objector Clause to socialized medicine too.

Government cannot socialize the Doctors without socializing the Patient.

The monetary value of a Conscientious Objector Clause for the Right to Life is very easy to calculate. Add the amount of money spent on abortion each year, and divide it by the number of people in America. If someone objects and finds it completely unnatural to take a growing baby’s life before birth, then allow them the right to their own conscience and do not collect taxes for the portion spent on abortion.

The people ought to be “allowed” to maintain their own conscience, without an ever-growing government mandating over the people’s rights to be free. And let us hope that as our government is shutdown, that our Representatives have the common sense to attach a Balanced Budget Amendment rider to any “deal that they reach.” You will recall that Nancy Pelosi passed a “Pay-Go Law” while Speaker of the House. Does that law apply to Obamacare?

If the Democrats & Republicans are still interested in economic sanity, rather than just “scape-goating” brand-new Representatives for Congress’ longterm budgetary failures, then present real balance before even more debt piles-up on the shoulders of every American.

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134 thoughts on “#ACA: The Conscientious Objector Clause”

  1. jsbrodhead says:

    For a People (singular, or plural) to pick an age, at which the child is deemed a “person”, is barbaric… actually most “barbaric” societies made abortion illegal, because the society needed the children to grow the society.

    1. Patrick Read says:

      Some call the practice of quantifying rights “social engineering” – others call it eugenics. Both are accurate.
      Pregnancy is obviously a natural phenomena. What is unnatural is aborting a growing child. I’m not sure I’m aware of another animal that carries out such an unnatural act.

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