Stimulus Fails, Chevy Volt Falls: $150M Green Energy Waste

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With one bill, Barack Obama spent more taxpayer money than the entire war on terror cost at the time it passed. Stimulus cost $787 Billion—even more when adjusting the rate for inflation—and when tallying the amount of Green Energy waste, one must add the fall of the Chevy Volt to the $90 Billion total. On your behalf, Obama “invested” $150M of your money funding a hybrid-battery plant in Michigan, which is owned by Korea and has yet to produce a single battery and now features furloughed workers.

Consider it more of your hard-earned money wasted by the government. Obama must claim his failures, beginning with his Presidency.

The average American must wonder if anyone in Michigan is even paying attention, or if they even care about the fall of the Volt or other failures under Obama. Does Detroit understand that your tax dollars are being wasted at such a rate that recovery under Obama will never happen? Or is it more likely that Detroit is only concerned about the amount of green Obama invested in the United Auto Workers?

The Volt failed even with the government giving it the extra-boost of a $10,000 tax subsidy. The UAW will likely fail too, especially without much needed maintenance done on its faulty union contract.

Do the people taking our money understand that Obama’s investments—supposedly made on behalf of WE the People—-are no more than a black hole waste of money we no longer have to give? We are on the verge of being so desperately broke, that if we allow him to continue spending  without producing the “promised jobs,” America will have no spike in income tax being collected to add to revenue—dashing out any hope of recovery.

Despite his failed investments and broken promises made on your behalf, Obama continues to beat the “tax the rich” drum in order to fund even more useless companies with no hope of creating anything other than a continuous drain on your finances.

How does the radical left continue to support a man that has no checks and balances, no integrity and with such a bad track record, except to say that he warned you when he was running, he planned to fundamentally change this country.

All that you have worked for, all  the dreams you had, the dreams you shared with your children, are going by the wayside to fund the whims of a man that has no more regard for you then the fecal matter he carries on the bottom of his shoes after walking the dog.

How many efforts is the left willing to fund with our money and then explain away for him, as he continues to funnel money into endeavors with no hope of fruition? Obama knows that the green energy market will one day be realized by one of you—the gifted, the talented, the dreamer—and not by one of his donor-schemes with a plan to rip-off the tax payer through the aid of an administration seemingly bent on financial ruin.

Are you willing to risk your opportunities, your hopes and your dreams, on a man that has no regard for you?



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