#StopRush Linked to OFA, MMFA & Neal Rauhauser

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Washington D.C.
Above is a 2010 photo album containing a list of the militant thugs connected to the now “banned by Daily Kos” (here), Neal Rauhauser. Daily Kos is owned by Markos Moulitsas Zuniga (NRO: Two Worlds of Lib Blogoshpere here) (Townhall: Daily Kos & Obama here) & (Slate: Howard Dean connection here).
But you will no longer hear Rauhauser bragging about “using Daily Kos’ servers to run his ‘operation” because after posting an article professing his hacking endeavors, Neal Rauhuaser was taken down. Rauhauser’s militant thugs are the group behind starting “The Enemy’s List,” going back to 2010 here & on Youtube here 


Rauhauser’s group is also linked (to the left, 3rd from the top & here) to Angelo Carusone; the person behind “astro-turf boycotting” both Glenn Beck (in 2010) & now Rush Limbaugh. Angelo Carusone is on twitter as @StopBeck & @StopRush.

Here are Rauhauser & Carusone working over Glenn Beck in 2010 here Their
tactics are pretty transparent: the radical left creates hundreds of false “sock accounts” on social media to make it appear as though there is more public outcry than reality presents their radical agenda.


The Militant Left also uses their false accounts to intimidate, overwhelm & silence political opposition & dissent. Cuba comes to mind.

Note: They also have a “StopFox, StopPalin, StopLevin, StopOReilly & a StopHannity” movement as well. “No free-speech for you!” as the speech-nazis limit the right wing, and all done under their false act of fairness.

Left & below (linked here) see Rush’s post exposing Carusone’s “wiki” regarding the astro-turf boycott launched against Limbaugh’s advertisers (here)

Screen shots & list of vile thugs connected to Neal Rauhauser (link here) including the individual who last edited Carusone’s “Stop Rush wiki,” known on Twitter as Shoq


His real name is Matt Edelstein from Florida and he has multiple-accounts on social media, also posting on twitter as “GrumpyLeftist” (now deleted) and “GregWBlowhard” (here)


Here is the website Rush took a screen shot of here At the top of the page, it shows the last edit was made by “Shoq’s Value” Shoq aka Matt Edelstein.

Some of Neal Rauhauser & “Shoq’s” past online interaction can be found here Oh yes, we have a history with this group of radical thugs. A history of defeating them! And there are a lot more screen shots which will be exposed moving forward.


Let this serve as the first of many more post that will re-visit & expose Neal Rauhauser’s group of militant leftist thugs, including the data they tried to scrub from the internet so as to avoid being busted again.


Link to Carusone & “Shoq” comparing their Glenn Beck boycott to their now, Rush Limbaugh boycott here


This small but radical group is using the exact same template (including infiltration: see next post) that they used in 2010 on average twitter users & bloggers. Now those tactics are being implemented on the mainstream media.


The right can defeat the astro-turf using REAL backbone. One way to stop the online radical left is to distract them with actual debate for the whole world to see. Another way is to counteract boycotts with “buycotts.”

Online Conservative activists did the same thing in 2010, when the Left boycotted Arizona Ice Tea because of Immigration Law, and the “Conservative Buycott” had great success.


And yes, they will fail, much like they did in 2010 & this time, with the amount of information that will be released, the Radical Left fail will be epic.


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