#NObamaCare: Blue Cross Drops Poor!

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Terry McAuliffe and Hillary Clinton have more than just one thing in common, especially regarding the subprime crisis and Obamacare. Yes, both are earnest supporters of socialized health care, which is nothing more than the government making your health care choices for you. Socialized health care began in 1965 under Lyndon Baines Johnson, who was yet another war-time Democrat. It was then given a face-lift and placed on steroids in the 1990s as Hillary Care, which was soundly defeated.

Both ardent Democrats, Terry McAuliffe and Hillary Clinton still push socialized health care, even as the nation witnesses the slow train-wreck that is Obamacare. A used car salesman’s pitch was thrust onto America: “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it” and “if you like your Doctor, you can keep your Doctor,” and “Obamacare will lower cost” are all lies sold to Americans to force a bill on the public that Representatives never even read.


“We have to pass Obamacare in order to find out what’s in it,” the truth seeped out of then House Speaker, Nanny Pelosi.

We know what’s in Obamacare, and the vast majority of Americans still oppose it (CNN Poll: 56% Oppose – 38% Favor). Yet both of the die-hard liberals still support Obamacare, even after its failure to launch and its $400 Million dollar waste of a shutdown website, all funded by taxpayers. Both McAuliffe & Clinton still favor socialized health care even as more than 80% of the alleged registrants have been unable to process.

When someone pays for a service and that service is denied, it is called FRAUD.

Both McAuliffe and Clinton avoid talking about Obamacare because of its MASSIVE cut in jobs, its SOARING health care premiums, its SKYROCKETING deductibles and its inequitable exemptions for government & business (not for Labor, not for US citizens, nor for their churches).

With Obama polling at his all-time lowest, his approval rating is stagnant while his disapproval rating is soaring. So McAuliffe rolled-out his old friend. No, not Robert Sarvis, “the new Ross Perot.” McAuliffe relied on Hillary Clinton, who was there for him, but not there for those in Benghazi. Yes, she certainly has her priorities.

McAuliffe is a Cafeteria-Catholic from Central New York. He’s from Syracuse, to be exact, and he ran Clinton’s campaign while she was “carpet-bagging” as the Senator from New York. In fact, McAuliffe did fundraising for Clinton at the ever expensive Bellevue Country Club. Everyone loves those Country Club Democrats, right?


Well, Blue Cross – Blue Shield just announced they are dumping care for more than 22,000 poor and disabled in Central New York, where Hillary was the Senator and Terry was her bank. If you are guessing the same will undoubtedly visit Virginia under “Governor Terry McAuliffe,” you are absolutely correct. Like your health care plan & want to keep it? Too bad. As the labor unions learned all too well, you can’t keep that. Labor got punished with a 40% Excise Tax for their healthcare plans.

Obamacare is crushing the medical industry with exorbitant cost, and its technological advances will soon be affected too.

One just need read Section 3403(b) “The Medical Advisory Board has the goal to reduce the per capita rate of growth in Medicare spending.” As more and more baby-boomers retire, there will be less money per individual and thus less care.

It doesn’t take rocket-science to know that Obamacare has no place in making your health care decisions for you. Even Oprah says “NO to Obamacare.

Instead of relying on the commerce clause and allowing for inter-state competition (increasing the supply of health insurance and thus reducing cost) Democrats idea is to leave the monolithic, in-state monopolies alone. Democrats have the bright idea to just reduce the amount of care “distributed.” And it’s all done under the not-so watchful eye of an independent panel that people never elected, and Congress has no authority over.

When Obamacare was first rolled out in 2009, it did not even cover routine mammograms for women over forty. Most insurance plans already covered mammograms at no extra-cost, no deductible or co-pay, but Obamacare cut Medicare by $500 billion dollars, which greatly impacts “elderly women.”

No wonder McAuliffe is avoiding Obamacare. As it balloons out of control, soon the only thing left will be Medicaid for everyone. Period.

So in walks some left-wing support for McAuliffe’s New York campaign on Virginia. With ever with the political tongue, Hillary started her speech with a lie:

“I’ve been out of politics for a few years now,” Clinton cooed.


She must have relied on her smile alone while making such a bold-faced, dishonest statement. Or maybe she just forgot her little stint as Secretary of State, a politically appointed position. Hillary certainly forgot to talk about Benghazi, but trust me, the country has not and will never forget her liability in the death of an American Ambassador, his Chief of Information and two Special Force Operators.

Clinton went on,

“Now recently in Washington, unfortunately, we’ve seen examples of the wrong kind of leadership. When politicians choose scorched earth over common ground, when they operate in what I call the ‘evidence-free zone’ with ideology trumping everything else.”

She wasn’t referring to Benghazi. Hillary was referring to Obama’s policy of maximizing pain during the first partial shutdown under his presidency. (Note: Democrats shutdown the government six times under Reagan).

In an unprecedented move, Obama’s scorched earth policy was waged on Veterans. He closed open-air monuments established in their honor and barry-caded memorials from the public. He attacked the military & its veterans during war-time. Obama’s scorched earth policy even refused death benefits for fallen American soldiers, dishonoring our dead and disrespecting their selfless sacrifice for America.

toleranceFear not, Obama’s scorched earth policy of funding the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt (whom Hillary is also friendly with) was not affected one bit. Nor was Obama’s funding Pakistani extremist interrupted, who are still imprisoning those who helped take down bin Laden. Obama’s scorched earth policy certainly did not interrupt his arming Al Qaeda rebels in Syria.

No, Obama’s scorched earth policy strictly targeted American servicemen & veterans. And now the same government implementing a  scorched earth policy on its own people is running YOUR health care.

Clinton continued:


“We’ve seen that families in Virginia and across the country have felt the consequences, workers furloughed, businesses suffering, children thrown out of Head Start, poor mothers worried they won’t get the help they need to buy formula and food for their babies, that is not the kind of leadership we need in Virginia and America today.”

Yes. It is a natural catastrophe. She failed to mention the MILLIONS of private employees who have lost their jobs because of Obamacare. No, her concern is for Federal workers (less than .0001% of the population) who will get back-pay, so never really even missed a paycheck. And mothers were simply worried they wouldn’t have the government there to depend on. Of course for Hillary, McAuliffe & Democrats this is a non-issue because the government reopened and dependency checks went out in full-force.

Author of Frederick Douglass Republican, K Carl Smith says, “it is by government coercion that fathers are not in the home to depend on. Government entices mothers to live alone, so they can get more taxpayer money. It’s all spent on growing more dependents.” Reverend CL Bryant produced the movie  Runaway Slave and says, “The Government plantation of dependency is still growing and still under Democrat control.”

Fannie Freddie Most Expensive Bail Out

For all of her fake concern with only one gender and not all people, you would think Hillary would talk more about the REAL War on Women being waged every day in countries that she & President Obama fund and support.

But, Terry McAuliffe and Hillary Clinton have more than just one thing in common.

Both Terry McAuliffe & Hillary Clinton are directly connected to the subprime economic crisis of 2008, which occurred two years after Democrats won the House & Senate. Of course, Hillary was First Lady when the Federal Government mandated that half of all loans made by Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac had to be subprime.

0 Fannie

Under Bill Clinton, as Housing & Urban Development Director, Mario Cuomo mandated the two Government Subsidized Entities (GSE) knowingly engage in fraudulent activity (“top-down”). They were forced to make loans to those of us who could not pay a mortgage. What do you think happened?

Clinton then repealed the Glass Steagall Act, allowing the fraudulent loans to be “traded off” into the market, making innocent investors absorb the government-induced loss. Shattering the glass ceiling indeed, as not only were taxpayers forced to bail out Fannie & Freddie (the most expensive of all TARP bailouts) but their home value was simultaneously robbed by a tainted market.


As it was then, Hillary Clinton had just finished work for the Rose Law Firm, and was embroiled in the Whitewater controversy, cashing-in on the Saving & Loans real estate scandal of the 1980s. Hillary’s billing records then mysteriously came-up missing under her husband’s reign in the White House, thanks in no small part to his Campaign Manager, Terry McAuliffe.

The McAuliffe family was also cashing-in on Fannie & Freddie’s fraudulent loans via Eagan Real Estate. McAuliffe then went onto become the Chair of the Democrat National Committee.


At the same time, there was a little-known community organizer from ACORN also taking advantage of the “forced by the fed,” fraudulent subpime loans. Barrack Obama was a legal trainer for ACORN, who would picket community banks at the grassroots level (“bottom-up”). ACORN began demanding fraudulent loans be made by community banks too. Now the recipients of the fraudulent loans have been foreclosed on, which is what happens when one cannot make their mortgage payment.

You may have heard of Real Estate convict, Tony Rezko, who is still in jail. Rezko was a friend of the Clintons, and also made an improper real estate deal with the then ACORN organizer, Barack Obama.

Now, the real estate industry is all but non-existent as Fannie and Freddie own almost 80% of all home loans in America. In short, your lender is no longer a community bank. They have only become the middle man. The owner of your house is the Federal Government & taxpayers are on the hook for over $6 Trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities due to Government fraud. That is, until it dawns on our Representatives to make Fannie & Freddie sell their worthless loans back to the people’s free market, reasserting actual value in home-ownership.

Americans must find comfort in the knowledge that as our government perpetrated fraud on them, then stole the actual value of their homes and stuck them with the bailout bill, that their representatives were getting filthy rich while getting back-room deals of “special” favor from their cronies.


Realizing their dismal success in wrecking the real estate industry, the same “top-down, bottom-up” strategy of fraudulent loans would be played on one-sixth of the American economy by socializing the health care industry.

Just like with TARP and Stimulus, Obamacare was then forced down the throats of Americans despite 80% of Americans opposing it, despite Congress never reading the bill, and despite the clear government corruption involved in the Patient Protection and *Affordable Care Act.

Indeed, what happened to your home-value is now happening to your health care. What happened to the real estate industry is now happening to the medical industry. And the government plantation of dependency will continue to gobble-up more industries than just real-estate, automobiles, health care and banking, even if there is not much industry left for the out of control government to feed on.



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