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While Vladimir Putin marches the Russian military across sovereign borders, annexing territories in both Georgia and Ukraine; while intervening in the Syrian Civil War, some reflection on recent American foreign policy must be recalled, because borders matter.

Several days ago, Barack Obama stood on the steps of a magnificent historical shrine in America, Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello and responded to a reporter’s question with a comment that was one of the few truths to come out of his mouth, ”There’s one thing really good about being President. I can do anything that I want”. […]

Opportunity Vs. Income Gap: Another Barack Obama Lie

The phrase “You can’t make this up” comes to mind in terms of what Barack Obama has been doing to demagogue the rise of the number of people on public assistance.  He is taking this lie to a new level and changing the story to the mantra of the lack of opportunity in the United […]

Presidential ‘Pouch Check’ Time for Obamacare

Over the last 5 years, President Obama has promised the American people that they could keep their existing health care plans, and their doctors under Obamacare, no less than 30 times. These were not qualified promises, nor did he ever waiver (no pun intended) from this narrative. When real men make promises, they do everything in […]

Reince Priebus & the RNC: Send in the RINO Clowns

It is exactly one year before the mid-term elections and the major political parties are starting to shift into campaign mode. So, it was no surprise when a friend received an email from Reince Priebus and the Republican National Committee (RNC) asking for a donation. I won’t bore you with the whole RINO induced screed, […]

Are Women Low Info or Just Treated as Objects, Owned by DEMS?

Women can be low information, stupid voters. It’s true. Far too many of us allow Democrats, Progressives and Socialists to control us. To lie to us time and time again. As a majority, women continue to vote for the likes of Barack Obama. Why, because Democrats promise to make sure we can have as many […]

Obamacare Excluded MAMMOGRAMS & BANS Breast Cancer Rx, AVASTIN

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On October 1st, 2013 the President’s signature policy launched and it quickly hit a brick wall. Not only is the $600 Million Dollar Obamacare website still shutdown, but Americans are being notified that their health care cost is simultaneously skyrocketing.

SHAME On The Media For Degrading Veterans

Media, President Obama,Millionn Veteran March,World War II Memorial,Barracade

A simple Google search and a more detailed search of the big three network sites show just how passive the media is on anything negative about President Obama. On Sunday October 13th, 2013 the Million Veteran March took place at the World War II Memorial.  But it did not end there. In what can only […]

No Mourning on this 9/11: Standing Up to Vladimir Putin and Syria

It’s 9/11 and I’m not mourning.  As a country we have spent 12 years crying and licking our wounds.  The hell with that, it’s time to take that day back.  Twin Towers 1993, the Pentagon, Flight 93, Twin Towers 2001,  Benghazi 2012: the Muslims keep choosing September 11, because on that day in 1683 they got their […]

SHOCKING! Video of Al Qaeda in Syria, Backed by Obama

As the day dawns after the President expressed his resentment over Benghazi, recent video has surfaced revealing the real face of the al-Nusra rebels (linked to Al Qaeda) that Barack Obama is backing in Syria, by arming them with weapons seized from Al Qaeda rebels in Libya. For the geopolitics involved, see: Benghazi Gun-Running Linked to Russia, China, Syria and Iran and, Flotilla Liberals of Power Promote War for […]

Code Pink Slams Obama & Kerry on Syria: Another DEM War

It’s happened. Conservatives finally agree with Code Pink. Code Pink has come out against Barack Obama, his redline and the strike on Syria. They have gone so far as to protest in front of John Kerry’s townhome, and I have to admit, for the first time in my conservative life, I stand shoulder-to-should with the feather-covered nut […]

Syria: Barack Obama’s White House at War from Within

While political pundits scratch their heads about the seeming Presidential about-face on Syria, a story of conflict emerges from within the White House. While heated debate rages on about allegations Bashar Assad’s Syrian government used sarin gas against rebel strong-holds, a different debate is raging within the cloistered halls of the White House, which has […]

America Enters the Twilight Zone: Powder Keg Meet Syria

The world has gone nuts. Not just kinda-sorta-nuts, but Twilight Zone nuts. I keep waiting for Rod Serling to show-up in my kitchen, telling me about sight and sound with that creepy music in the background, and a giant, creepy eyeball staring me down. Surely, when conservatives are overwhelmingly saying “no,” to military action and progressives […]

BREAKING! George W. Bush Is No Longer President

NEWSFLASH for liberals: George W. Bush is no longer the President of the United States, and hasn’t been for nearly five years. You may have missed that whole election thingy in 2008, when a little-known Senator from Illinois ran against the long-time Senator from Arizona, and won. His name is Barack Obama, and in case you […]