Gun Control

Are Blue States Getting the Gun Control Blues?

by 03) James Dick on April 15, 2014

Remember back in Barack Obama’s first Presidential campaign, when a video surfaced of him telling the San Francisco intelligentsia that flyover Americans were all “Bible thumpers hiding behind their guns and their religion?”  Well, it’s kind of interesting how some of that sentiment is today even surfacing in some of his favored locales, the bluest of […]

The Clinton Legacy: Disarming Military Bases & Dead Soldiers

by 05) Chip Jones on September 16, 2013

As the dust settles at the Washington Naval Yard, with all the carnage depicted, no one is asking “Why didn’t anybody shoot back?” After all, the attack occurred at yet another military base. This is a most cogent question, especially when tragedy strikes like it has at Fort Dix, Fort Hood and now at the […]

Delbert Belton & the Selfishness of Self Defense

As the brutality of the unwarranted murder of 88 year-old Delbert Belton unfolds, one needs to be struck by a more subtle cruelty. Yes, the wanton attack & murder of Delbert, who defended our country during World War II & was wounded on Okinawa, upon leaving favorite pool-hall, is truly a sad moment in our nation’s history. […]

Molon Labe: Armed 89 Year Old Woman Defends Home From Intruder

It was 5:30am in Des Moines, Iowa, when 89 year-old Beatrice Turner heard a loud crash at her home. At first, Mrs. Turner thought it was just someone knocking rather loudly at her front door. Shocked by all the clamor, Beatrice quickly got out of bed, and saw first-hand what every elderly person fears: a […]

Molon Labe: Armed 11 year-old Defends Herself & Home from 3 Burglars

“The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed, until they try to take it away,” Thomas Jefferson. With the latest liberal attempt at a gun-grab all but in the rearview mirror, it is never too late to reinforce the fact that self-defense is a natural right & especially necessary for the most vulnerable among us. Alyssa […]

Connecticut Media Compares Gun Owners to Boston Bombers

Connecticut has recently passed a very strict set of gun laws.  The backlash is coming from  a gun manufacturer based in the state.  But do the citizens of Connecticut know the truth or are they being fed ideology by the press? Here are some articles running in the press. In an editorial in the New Hartford […]

Lie Driven Agenda: Obama Claims Fully Automatic Used at Sandy Hook

In the boldest of lies yet, Barack Obama told a group on Wednesday evening that a fully automatic weapon was used by Adam Lanza in the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. And if we look at his exact words, we see that this cannot even be written off as a misstatement. […]

Gun Control vs. Gun Control: The Obama Hypocrisy

The inherent hypocrisy of a President whose administration advocates the disarmament of its citizens, yet arms its enemies should raise red flags. Yet nowhere in the media is this dichotomy reported and nowhere in mainstream media commentary is it brought up. President Obama tasked his Vice President, Joe Biden, with crafting a national solution to […]

The Lie Driven Agenda: All Combat Veterans Have PTSD

The notion that the transition soldiers have from combat assignments to non-combat roles is a mental health issue is false. What’s worse, the whole discussion about Vets and PTSD, under the guise of concern and respect, is really an attempt to vilify veterans and to take from them their status as leaders. A phenomenon occurred […]

Pre-Planned Attack: Adam Lanza Targeted Gun Free Zone, Sandy Hook

A report was released today in the New York Daily News citing the chilling degree of planning that Adam Lanza put in to his attack that killed 20 children and 6 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. In that report, Mike Lupica cites his discussion with a law enforcement official who prefers […]

Justice for All: Choice of Education & Armed Protection

As events unfolded in Newtown on December 14, 2012 America was once again united in heartbreak. Twilight gave way to a holy night as we learned the “what, who, how & where” of innocent human life once again falling to attack. Most understand it is by “laws of nature & nature’s God,” that our freedom […]

The Lie Driven Agenda: Banning Violent Video Games Lowers Gun Violence

In the newest of the fallacious “gun control debate spin-offs”, we are watching Big Government politicians talk about banning or regulating violent video games. This seems to be one of the “feel good” alternatives that liberals from pro-gun constituencies are leaning toward to save their electoral skins, and are persuading moderate Republicans to listen. The […]

The Lie Driven Agenda: Universal Background Checks Are Universal

The other concept surrounding gun control, in the wake of a seeming legislative loss for a ban on “cosmetically altered varmint rifles” (falsely called “military style assault weapons by the progressive left), being floated is “Universal Background Checks”. This agenda is so conceptually flawed that we don’t even have to pass its name to find […]

Life, Liberty & Pursuit of ‘Safe Zones, Call Boxes & Whistles’

The 2nd Amendment battle rages on, the left continues its shameless quest to disarm the nation, this time in the guise of “making campuses safer”. From what, one asks? Why from hysterical women, who couldn’t properly identify an attacker from an innocent passerby, much less hit the broad side of a barn.   Rep. Joe […]