Sarah Palin & NRA: Baptizing Terrorists by Waterboarding

There has been a recent deluge of mainstream media outrage over Sarah Palin’s comments to the NRA, when she said “waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists“. The thing that makes me angry is not so much…

Are Blue States Getting the Gun Control Blues?

Blue States Catch Gun Control Blues

Remember back in Barack Obama’s first Presidential campaign, when a video surfaced of him telling the San Francisco intelligentsia that flyover Americans were all “Bible thumpers hiding behind their guns and their religion?”  Well, it’s kind…


The Clinton Legacy: Disarming Military Bases & Dead Soldiers

As the dust settles at the Washington Naval Yard, with all the carnage depicted, no one is asking “Why didn’t anybody shoot back?” After all, the attack occurred at yet another military base. This is…


Delbert Belton & the Selfishness of Self Defense

As the brutality of the unwarranted murder of 88 year-old Delbert Belton unfolds, one needs to be struck by a more subtle cruelty. Yes, the wanton attack & murder of Delbert, who defended our country during…


Molon Labe! Armed 89 Year Old Woman Defends Home

It was 5:30am in Des Moines, Iowa, when 89 year-old Beatrice Turner heard a loud crash at her home. At first, Mrs. Turner thought it was just someone knocking rather loudly at her front door….


Racism & George Zimmerman: Minority-Lite?

What seems to have been missed by a free-press, severely challenged at playing “connect the dots,” is the fact that the only sure thing that racially came from the whole debacle in Sanford, Fla, was…


Molon Labe! Armed 11 Year Old Girl Defends Home

“The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed, until they try to take it away,” Thomas Jefferson. With the latest liberal attempt at a gun-grab all but in the rearview mirror, it…


Media Compares Gun Owners to Boston Bombers

Connecticut has recently passed a very strict set of gun laws.  The backlash is coming from  a gun manufacturer based in the state.  But do the citizens of Connecticut know the truth or are they…


Lie Driven Agenda: Obama Claims Fully Automatic Used at Sandy Hook

In the boldest of lies yet, Barack Obama told a group on Wednesday evening that a fully automatic weapon was used by Adam Lanza in the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut….