God Less America: Todd Starnes Joins Conservative Report

Todd Starnes is an award winning journalist & radio host appearing daily on FOX News Radio. He joins Conservative Report June 12th at 7pm


Reforming Immigration and Recharging Freedom

Some of our elected representatives and political pundits are approaching immigration reform from the wrong direction. The cries for border security, a pathway to citizenship, amnesty and every other segment of the discussion misses the…


Obama’s Drone Policy: Essential Liberty for Temporary Safety

As a Justice Department document surfaces justifying killing Americans abroad, who are suspected terrorists, we have to ask ourselves are we mortgaging freedom for comfort? In this document, Eric Holder’s department justifies, and deems as…

1 A Obama Zombies

Obamanomics: Class-Warfare Run Amok in Amerika

The term fairness needs to be expunged from our political lexicon.  The world is not inherently a fair place, and fairness is not a real issue.  Freedom is a real issue & the more we allow…


Christianity: The Foundation of the Constitution

A few years back a baby was born to a virgin.  Well it was more than a few years ago and the story is well documented in one of the best selling books of all…


Shall Not Be Infringed

“What is a moderate interpretation of the Constitution? Halfway between what it says and what you want it to say?”—Justice Antonin Scalia. Murder is a crime, no matter the method. Timothy McVeigh didn’t use a…


A. Lincoln: A Lesson on the Right to Life, Liberty & Pursuit

The following words were spoken by Abraham Lincoln in 1839, two decades before becoming the fifteenth President of the United States of America. These words are proof that human will, continual pressure and firm resolve…