Real Deal: Cruz Exposes #Debt Cave

An interesting game of politics was played out this week in Washington DC, and Senator Ted Cruz is in the middle of it. The establishment’s charade was regarding the tsunami of national debt & DC’s out of control spending. Although the outcome was not one favored by Conservatives, the truth has clearly changed the dynamics of politics & brought more transparency to what the elitist Republicans in power are really doing. When John Boehner sold-out the overwhelming majority of the GOP caucus in the House of Reps, the Speaker joined the Democrat minority to pass a debt ceiling SUSPENSION (not “extension”) and forward it to the Senate. Afterward, the GOP Minority Leader from Kentucky, Mitch McConnell; who’s net-worth is a cool $22.8 million, thought his end result would be a routine and non-controversial action.

Since the Senate has a majority of Democrats, the Senate Republican elitists assumed a straight up or down vote would be the end result. Since the Republicans didn’t have the votes to stop it, they could say they fought the good fight, but were outnumbered. “You people have to elect us and give us power to enact change,” could be heard before it was even uttered and then abused by establishment Republicans.

MitchFactsBut one brave and truly Conservative Senator who is keeping his oath made to the people, Ted Cruz of Texas, threw a monkey wrench in their plans. Cruz announced that he would filibuster against bringing the bill to a vote, thereby requiring at least five Republican Senators to vote with the Democrats for cloture, or closing the debate. After consultation with Harry Reid, who had already set up the game plan with the Republican leadership, the presiding officer delayed the closing  of the cloture vote while  five Republicans were being sought to vote with the majority.

An hour later, they were still short; only 58 cloture votes were in, 2 short of the 60 needed.  And at this point the two leaders of the Republicans in the Senate, Senators Mitch McConnell (Kentucky) and John Cornyn (Texas), two men up for reelection with Tea Party primaries awaiting them, stepped up to the desk and cast the deciding votes with the Democrats.  The looks on their faces told it all; they had been found out and could hide it no longer.

At this point a number of Republican Senators switched votes to provide cover to the leaders, but the damage had been done. America swiftly knew that they voted for cloture, so that later when they voted against the bill and said they opposed it, the real truth was out.  Had they not voted against Cruz, the bill would have never been passed and sent to the President to sign into law.

McConnell-Rove-ObamneyCareA couple of interesting things were noted in the proceedings.

First, it was clear that McConnell and Reid had dress rehearsed the planned action so that McConnell and other RINOs were given cover.  And a normal commonplace procedure during votes was suspended; no verbal announcement of each Senator’s vote was given, merely the headcount as it changed.

Immediately after the vote the media started talking about how “Ted Cruz is an obstructionist,” and “an extremist” and such malarkey as that.  And, of course, as if on cue, the establishment Republicans criticized him to no end too, stating that “Cruz was splitting the party” (but not the vote) and “it will make it difficult for *Republicans to win.” So, their vote for unconditional debt surrender is really someone else’s fault? These comments and projections of guilt are reminiscent of what was said about the Reagan revolution years ago, a movement which resulted in the last grand Presidential election of a Republican—each one by landslide proportions.

mitchThe truth of the matter is that the real heart of the Republican Party is with the base, which is Conservative. A base that is God-fearing. A base that is generally supportive of taking America in a different, and better direction.

Our passion for faith, independence and responsibility is not shared with the establishment. Party elites on both sides of the aisle are more concerned about campaign contributions, Wall Street, and international one-worldliness. Unless and until the Republican Party as an organization realizes that, with honesty and truthfulness demanded in what they do, they will continue to dwindle in size and opportunity.

No Conservative Republican, Independent, Pro-Lifer or other potential supporter wants a Democratic-lite party, and all of the Karl Roves, John Boehners and Mitch McConnells in the country can’t change that fact of life.

As for Ted Cruz?

Andrew-Breitbart-Ted-CruzWell, in standing side by side with the people and representing their best-interest and liberty, Ted Cruz is only gaining in influence and popularity. He is owed a large debt of gratitude too, for shining the bright light of truth on the elitist in power, for by his actions, the reality of what is going on in the Republican Party in Washington, D.C. was heard loud and clear. Although it was not appreciated by the so-called elites, it sure is a welcomed change to the rank and file base. To the people.

So thank you Ted Cruz, and remember America, the truth will set you free. This battle for the heart and soul of the Republican Party is not over by a long shot.

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Boehner & McConnell Bow Down to King Obama on DEBT




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168 thoughts on “Real Deal: Cruz Exposes #Debt Cave”

  1. Is there ANY DOUBT that this Leader, Sen Ted Cruz, is a member of WE THE PEOPLE, and not ‘we the ruling class’?

    Is there ANY DOUBT to whom is his FIRST ALLEGIANCE???

    Does he EXPOSE their intentions and CHICANERY, REPEATEDLY, BOLDLY and without blinking an eye???

    DEO GRATIAS for this man!


    THANK YOU Madame Steel Spine!

    #CruzMissile ———>>>>>> [GOP Establishment] KABOOM!!!

    This man has NO FEAR … he is UNFETTERED by any ties to Cronies, by any GOPe ‘deals’

    he can therefore speak his principled mind FREELY

    on any issue
    in any way
    at any time

    Look at these nut-cracking, crushing quotes from Sen Cruz since he has been in DC:

    Ted Cruz: The media “like their Republicans timid and house-trained”

    Ted Cruz: GOP’s “Surrender Caucus” is all that stands in the way of defunding Obamacare

    Ted Cruz: I’m no military historian, but I’m pretty certain that you lose 100% of the battles you begin by surrendering.

    Ted Cruz: You don’t get a $17 trillion debt without a whole lot of bipartisan cooperation.

    Ted Cruz: Liberty is never safer than when politicians are terrified

    Ted Cruz: There is nothing that scares elected officials more than hearing from their constituents.

    Ted Cruz: Sovereignty doesn’t rest with a bunch of politicians.

    Ted Cruz: Soldiers didn’t join the U.S. military to “serve as al-Qaeda’s air force”

    Ted Cruz: It’s about time that someone in Washington abandons the faulty notion that compromise is the best way to win.

    Ted Cruz: “I’m not serving in office because I desperately needed 99 new friends”

    Ted Cruz: “”I don’t work for the party bosses in Washington. I work for the people of Texas. And I fight for them.” (YEAH)

    Ted Cruz: “‘Hell Will Freeze Over’ Before Establishment GOP Listens To American People”

    this truth he speaks is laying the GOPe out in the open air and
    FILLETING them …. he is relentlessly forcing these wimpy RINOs back
    between a rock and a hard place ……




    #BeClingers ——————-> #AmericaRISING

    #WAR ——————–> #CrushROVE (in the 2014 Primary cycle, Patriots)

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