Obama Led Illegal Border Surge

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It has always been questionable how the sudden surge of unaccompanied illegal alien children came about. Many have surmised that it was a conspiracy by the foreign governments themselves, eager to get rid of those who would certainly grow up to be a “drag” on their home country economy. Others put the blame on the Mexican cartels which would profit from the chaos on our Southern border and the ease with which they could then navigate their drugs northward while the Border Patrol and others were preoccupied.

There is probably some truth to both of these suggestions and, of course, it could very well be that our own government played a part as well, with President Barack Obama using the issue to highlight his desire for a fix to the broken immigration system. Many see this as just another part of the left’s desire to create internal chaos which will lead to more direct control by the government to quell the madness. And now there is even evidence showing itself which, if verified, would indeed support this objective.

A review of internet items over the weekend revealed an interesting story which at any other time in our history would have seemed unbelievable. On its surface it gave evidence supporting the allegation that the current administration played a major role, perhaps the lead, in creating the sudden push by illegals to gain entry into the United States.

The story basics were first published by Minutemen News. It provides a link to the complete story by the American Thinker, which cites a Request for Information (RFI) found on the website FedBizOps.gov. Basically the RFI — official solicitation BERKS-RFI which was published on January 29, 2014 — requested information from vendors to accompany 65,000 illegal minors in the United States. It specifically sought an unarmed escort staff fluent in the language of the children from infants to 17 years of age.

Those selected to be part of the transport staff would be traveling by ground (25%), ICE charter (25%) and by commercial air (50%). The solicitation was open for response until February 19, 2014 and it was submitted by Contract Specialist Rachel Ali as the Primary Point of Contact. Her direct superior, the Contracting Officer, Tony Ross was the Secondary Point of Contact.

As of this morning the FedBizOps.gov link to the actual RFI was unavailable, as is the original story posted on the American Thinker. The Minutemen News short version of the story is still av ailable in its archive section. It is unknown if the unavailability of the story and the link to the procurement request is caused by the information being pulled or for some other reason, but it does, frankly, make one even more suspicious.

Does this prove that the American government played a direct or supporting role in the illegal border surge that is ongoing? No, but it does show that the government was clearly interested in taking action whether or not it ultimately did or not. And if our government was purposely attempting to flood the borders, could it be for any other reason than to overload the system?

Does this represent shades of Cloward and Piven anyone? Can there be any doubt that with Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal, Benghazi, the VA wait list scandal, this particular item and so much more that we are not in very good hands these days?

Congress, do your job. Use your subpoena power as often as necessary and put those in the know under oath on all such matters. And even if impeachment is likely to fail in the Senate, the act of conducting a trial will require the Administration to submit to disclosure. That very process in and of itself would be very worthwhile and it just might get us headed in the right direction as a nation.

It’s time to change America, folks, and return her to the control of the people, not bureaucrats who are easily tainted. Let’s get to work. God bless and save America.





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34 thoughts on “Obama Led Illegal Border Surge”

  1. Jeanette says:

    Are we asking if Obama is capable of thinking of that method of damaging America? Or are we asking if he’s too decent to participate in such a thing?

  2. John Kennard says:

    Take a look at how closely the US Catholic Church is following this, how hard they’re pushing “asylum” for the Children’s Offensive, and how quickly Pope Francis chipped in: There’s who engineered this cynical and disgusting attack, using children as pawns, on our border.

    1. Patrick Read says:

      So it’s the Catholic Church’s fault for “housing” children, despite the Protestant President breaking the law getting them here?
      Interesting take, John.

  3. Using children as pawns is despicable and I wouldn’t put it past the fraud, liar,cheat,criminal obummer, everything he does is against America,God help us all!

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