WAR BY WOMEN vs DEM Dependency


It is time for a push back against the Democrats’ “War on Women” with a conservative alternative, the “War by Women.” One of the most insidious threats to liberty in America is the practice of “group thought”.

Employed by politicians and the media, group thought divides the population into herds and allows the power brokers to pit one group against another in order to maintain their own authority. The most evil aspect of group thought is that it strips people of their individuality, their uniqueness, and ultimately their absolute right to have control over their own decisions.

The social engineers categorize the “plebeians” based upon (among other things), income level, race, ethnicity, religion, age… and gender.

Enter the Democratic strategy in dog whistle politics known as the “War on Women”.

To determine the origins of the “War on Women”, we have to go back to 1991 when feminist, Susan Faludi first coined the phrase in her book Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women. It promoted the theory that the media ginned up a backlash against feminism in the 1980s. Over the next 15 years, others would attempt to earn money from the term by publishing their screeds. So, when Debbie Wasserman-Schultz revived it ahead of a presidential election year, it was just a tired, recycled theme to try to create outrage among a distracted public.

Of course, when former San Diego mayor, Democrat Bob Filner admitted his “indiscretions” against women, it took Wasserman-Schultz two additional weeks to call for his resignation. Had Filner been a Republican, she would have been calling for immediate accountability.  Further, when New York City mayoral candidate, Anthony Weiner got caught AGAIN, texting his “junk”, Wasserman-Schultz refused to call for him to drop out of the race, saying it was his personal decision.

One example of where the War on Women is currently being employed is in the Virginia governor’s race. Former DNC chairman, Terry McAuliffe leads VA attorney general, Ken Cuccinelli in the polls thanks in large part to women. In fact, among women in the state, McAuliffe has an almost 20 point lead over Cuccinelli.

War By Women-Sarah Palin-Democrat-MisogynyTerry McAuliffe is the same guy who went to a fundraiser on the way home from the hospital, after his wife Dorothy had given birth to their son. He left her and the baby in the car while he worked the crowd inside, and even though his wife was upset to the point of being in tears, the fact that the event raised over $1 million for the Democrat party justified the offense in McAuliffe’s mind.

In a Vanity Fair interview, Terry McAuliffe revealed that his wife does not know how much money he has, and insinuated that it was none of her business since her life is good and her bills get paid. In these modern times, when most wives consider themselves to be their husband’s equal, how many would put up with being “kept”? Moreover, if he refuses to be transparent with his own wife, how transparent will he be with the citizens of Virginia should he become their governor?

What the feminists, liberals and Democrats have succeeded in doing, with the help of their minions in the media, is portraying women as one-dimensional, as if all we think about are reproductive issues. Apparently, for a sizable number of women in Virginia, they are single issue voters, as Cuccinelli’s pro-life stance seems to be what’s hurting him. But for all the crowing the Democrats do about “choice”, they are decidedly anti-choice when it comes to women’s gun rights, or where they want their children educated.

Sarah-Palin-NRAAnd what happens to tax policy under a McAuliffe governorship? How many women who own small businesses will be forced to lay people off when he jacks up their taxes? How many companies will flee the state taking jobs with them when his tax hikes make it impossible to do business there? How “pro-choice” can you possibly be when your economic policies force women to take whatever job they can find instead of allowing them the “right to choose” the job they want? How many women’s husbands will lose their jobs, and see a spike in their electric bills when McAuliffe goes after the coal industry, which he has pledged to do?

It would seem liberals believe that women are just nymphomaniacs who want nothing more than the right to have sex without consequences.

In 1998 Nina Burleigh, White House correspondent for Time magazine, told the Washington Post regarding President Bill Clinton, “I’d be happy to give him [oral sex] just to thank him for keeping abortion legal.” Even after Todd Akin made his ridiculous statement about “legitimate rape”, for which he was harshly condemned (by both major Parties), the Democrats gave Clinton, the accused rapist-in-chief, a premiere speaking position at their 2012 convention. We had to endure Sandra Fluke whining about having to pay for her own $9 birth control, and the “Life of Julia” meme that showed the joys of lifelong dependency on government.

If the Democrats had been advocating that women get hooked on heroin, they would have lost the election by epic proportions, but to promote dependency on government is somehow compassionate? We have had to watch feminists bend over backward to try to defend the barbarism of abortionist Kermit Gosnell.

Oh, and as for Terry McAuliffe? He has said that if elected, he will issue a directive to unilaterally allow abortion clinics that do not meet state health standards to remain open. I guess to some women, any butcher shop is better than none.

PalinMy grandmother was a lifelong FDR Democrat, but she was also a God-fearing Christian. She has since gone to be with God, but she would have been ashamed and embarrassed to see young women protesting on street corners dressed in vagina costumes, or parading around in their underwear for a “Slut Walk”. My grandmother believed in hard work, self-respect, integrity, and the value of marriage and family. Today those values are mocked and viewed as “misogynist” by the Party that she used to support.

Is this the standard that women are supposed to accept, just for the sake of “free” birth control and abortion rights? What message does it send to our children, especially our daughters? The “War on Women” scam automatically assumes that women are victims. That is completely unacceptable! We should expect more from those who represent us, and we should expect more from ourselves!

It is time for a conservative alternative to the “War on Women”. It is time for a “War by Women!” It is time for women to send a message to both Parties that we are not going to take being treated like an automatic vote just because politicians dangle the abortion carrot in front of us, at the expense of so many other rights.

Sarah-Palin-Ted-CruzWe refuse to accept that someone is “pro-choice” just because they are a woman, but seek to deny the same women a choice when it comes to gun rights, education, financial decisions, consumerism, etc. We refuse to accept that someone supports women’s rights just because they support a woman’s “right” to kill her own child, while at the same time supporting policies that will decimate her children’s future. We refuse to accept that someone is “pro-woman” just because he promises “free” birth control, while he’s stepping out on his wife.

We are not willing to sell our souls for the sake of our plumbing. We are NOT political whores. Uncle Sam is NOT our sugar daddy. Dependence is NOT compassion, and our votes are NOT owed to anyone! Ladies, we are not the Stepford wives of the Democrat party. It is time for a pushback with a #WarBYWomen. In fact, it is time for a blatant shove!

Consider that war declared…right here, right now.

The first shot has officially been fired on Conservative Report Online; but, with your help, the “war” will escalate on multiple “battlefields”. Ladies, please use the #WarByWomen hash tag on Twitter and Facebook to help expose “progressive” hypocrisy, denounce radical feminism and flip a false Left Wing narrative on its head. Tell big media, big Hollywood, big education and big government that “lady smarts” trump “lady parts”.



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