Which Syrian Rebels Does O Endorse?

In a 2012 interview with ABC’s Barbara Walters, President Barack Obama referred to the Syrian rebels as “the legitimate representative of the Syrian people in opposition to the Assad regime.” To that, we have to ask, which Syrian opposition?

The answer has become clear, as reported on Conservative Report, that the Obama Administration both is and has been arming the Syrian rebels through Turkey. It is not surprising that President Obama is funneling aid through Turkey, since the Prime minister is his only international friend. What is troubling is who they are and how he is arming them.

Obama embarked on a similar venture over a year ago in Libya. By funneling arms to Qatar and later to the United Arab Emirates, Obama armed the Libyan rebels in a random and uncontrolled fashion. By outsourcing our support of the rebels, ostensibly to keep his “hands clean”, Obama lost control of an operation and, in fact, armed Al Qaeda cells in Libya. By allowing arms dealer Marc Turi a license to sell arms to Qatar, at a critical time, US arms fell into the hands of the Al Qaeda aligned rebel groups that were centered around Benghazi, and ultimately resulted in the attack on our CIA mission there and the loss of Ambassador Stevens, CIA tech guy, Sean Smith and Navy SEALS Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.

Now President Obama is endorsing the Syrian rebels as the legitimate  representatives of the Syrian people. Yet the exact same problem exists. Who are these rebels and who are they aligned with?

It is a fact that the Turkish government is allied with the Muslim Brotherhood & Obama made one mistake, from the optic of liberty, in backing Mohammed Morsi in Egypt. His Muslim Brotherhood colors are unfolding before our eyes, as he solidifies power under Sharia, rather than even entertaining a representative democracy that could include all the faiths represented in Egypt.

Wasn’t the freedom movement in Egypt spawned by the June 4, 2010 impassioned speech by Obama at the University of Cairo?

Obama has made two big mistakes in backing the wrong horse.

Now, we are endorsing a group of rebels we, publicly  know little about. But privately, from sources on the ground in Syrian, we are hearing that many of these rebel cells are aligned with Al Qaeda as well. President Obama’s support is fueled by the concern that Assad will use his well known (and probably acquired from Saddam in Iraq) chemical weapons.

By arming these rebel groups, without direct command and control, we are not only arming Al Qaeda again, while empowering the Muslim Brotherhood, but we are doing so in a way that facilitates their acquisition of chemical and biological weapons, when they ultimately win.

The handful of words uttered to Barbara Walters is the third in a series of blockbuster acts that empowering the very people who are sworn to murder us. Below is a video of al-Nusra, a radical Sunni terrorist group that mans the Free Syrian Army, or “Syrian Rebels”.



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