World War Lurks if Israel Falls

Israel Iron Dome

Ever since the modern State of Israel was created in 1948 and survivors of the Holocaust were finally returned to their homeland, the country has been under siege. The Palestinians, who formed an alliance with Adolf Hitler, were never fully accepted by other Arab countries and never really had their own homeland. Now a recognized state by the United Nations, Palestine became a refugee camp post Geneva Convention, where animosity grew even more strongly, knowing no other home. Young Palestinians were taught hatred amid squalor. They directed their anger at the Jewish people, the victims of worldwide genoicde returning to their ancestral homeland. Those in the West who supported Israel, most prominently America and England, were also made constant targets of radical Islamists.

Until recently, Israel could always count on the United States to provide them with strong assistance and the means to defend itself, usually with help from the more civilized elements of Europe. Yet in recent years, with the large incursion of Muslims into Europe, this natual alliance has dramatically changed. And with the United Nations increasingly coming under the influence of a majority of small and non-democratic elements, the sentiment in that body overall has gone from moderation to nearly full support for the Palestinian point of view. To add to this problem, the rise of the militant forces of Hamas who now govern Gaza, an almost daily occurrence of violence has been directed toward Israel.

hillary arafat thumbThe Left in America has largely jumped on this bandwagon, calling the Israelis murderers and plunderers every time they defend themselves. They constantly demand that Israel give up more territory on the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, in order to reach a peace agreement and a truce. But time and time again, Israel has tried to come to reasonable accommodation only to find the Palestinians unwilling to agree.

Today Israel finds herself under much more of a threat than ever before. The degree and volume of hostility from Muslim extremists is more brutal and despite her public statements to the contrary, the United States sends ever more mixed signals about the role they will play in the defense of the Jewish state. Many of the President’s public utterances and the highly publicized protocol violation of leaving Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu waiting in the White House alone while he had dinner with his family are indicative of the insulting behavior he has exhibited toward our only real ally left in the hostile Middle East.

Israel is a tiny country with only 7.9 million people where from the Golan Heights near Syria you can see across the country nearly to the Mediterranean. And the West Bank is teeming with people who want nothing more than to humiliate Israel and make her surrender at least part of her capital Jerusalem, something that even our President has called for. Netanyahu has vowed to never do so.

Over the past few weeks, Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas has issued demands to the Jewish State while refusing to even recognize her official existence. And the violence has escalated with terrorist attacks and a barrage of missiles directed at population centers including Jerusalem, the capital, and Tel Aviv, Israel’s Wall Street and center of commerce. This tactic originated with Yasser Arafat and it continues unabated today.

obama jarrett hillaryIn recent days up to 160 ballistic missiles have been launched daily from Gaza as well as a smaller number from Lebanon and Syria, while Iran continues to threaten nuclear annihilation and America foolishly attempts to negotiate with that demonic government.

So Israel is surrounded by a hostile population approaching 100-1 odds in sheer numbers with her territory in striking distance from all directions and, as she has in the past, she has decided to fight fire with fire. Over recent days without incurring any deaths among her people she has inflicting over 170 deaths in Gaza alone, but only after warning Abbas to remove his citizens. This was in most cases disregarded and the casualties resulted, while Palestinians run for the world TV cameras determined to gain sympathy from gullible and biased news organizations who fail to look at the truth.

The most remarkable thing is the lack of Jewish death, a result of the development and sophisticated deployment of the Iron Dome, a portable series of missile batteries designed by Brigadier General (res.) Dr. Danny Gold and designed to deter casualties in heavily populated developed areas. A single battery is capable of protecting an area of 150 square kilometers and its radar and computerized interface quickly identifies incoming missiles, determines their target and destroys them before they can reach their destination. It is continually being refined and improved for increased accuracy and range.

Clintons and MorsiCan you imagine living in a country under constant siege from neighbors who despise you and having the world community try and blame you for the problem? That is largely what Israel is faced with in the UN and from American spokesmen like Secretary of State John Kerry, surely with the blessing of his boss. Israel will never surrender her sovereignty and her right to self- defense and that’s as it should be.

Despite all of the potential for gloom and doom, there is one remarkable thing that has happened to help her. The coup in Egypt and the toppling of Mohamed Morsi by General Sisi who has since become Egypt’s President, brings about the likelihood of indirect assistance from Cairo. Sisi is determined to destroy the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization that America has always listed as a terrorist organization, and to shut down the routes for sending weapons into Gaza.

Will Israel succeed in overcoming this latest attempt?

It will be difficult but with her well prepared Israeli Defense Force and their readiness and technological advances, they can but we need to stand with them. That is a question that must be answered and Obama must come off the fence and get in the game unless he wants to see what happened in Egypt look like a Sunday school picnic.

Stand with Israel or watch the Middle East burn and potentially drag the entire world into a conflagration of horrific proportions. That is a distinct possibility if the President doesn’t wake up quickly.

Quit playing games, Mr. President and make the right decision.



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