In May, 2010; Conservative Report published an article titled Cold War II regarding the amount of personal data on the world wide web and how that information can be used by governments, corporations or other third parties to manipulate you and your personal network

The year was 1933, and Franklin Roosevelt was in his first year of four-terms in office. The downtrodden passers-by no longer even paid attention to the dead bodies lining the streets of Ukraine. Joseph Stalin was the Socialist Dictator of the Soviet Union, and had food storage “for the masses” (like wheat) rotting away in […]

No Mourning on this 9/11: Standing Up to Vladimir Putin and Syria

It’s 9/11 and I’m not mourning.  As a country we have spent 12 years crying and licking our wounds.  The hell with that, it’s time to take that day back.  Twin Towers 1993, the Pentagon, Flight 93, Twin Towers 2001,  Benghazi 2012: the Muslims keep choosing September 11, because on that day in 1683 they got their […]

A Post Mortem on the Boston Marathon Bombing

As we approach the “one week anniversary” of the fateful moments, when two bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, it becomes time to frame questions we are going to ask moving forward, and set aside arguments that have already been proven false. Before we take even one step forward, let’s acknowledge […]

Russia’s Pravda Warns Americans of Gun Grab Trap

On December 28th,  in the English language version of Pravda, a news-outlet linked to the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Stanislav Mishin writes a telling piece about US gun control efforts. In the article, he starkly warns the citizenry of the United States of the perils of gun regulation. In his most telling phrase, Mishin […]

RUSSIA Busted in Nuke Ring – FBI INDICTS 10

The exclusive Conservative Report article exposing an Iranian-Chinese nuclear ring shocked the blogosphere, and put partisanship on hold in order to focus on Iran—who has said without equivocation their intent is to “wipe Israel off the map.” And now, there is yet another proliferation-operation involving a Russian national. Alexander Fishenko was caught shipping dual-use-electronics for missile guidance, […]

Clinton Bombed Iraq in 1998 for WMD & Link to al Qaeda

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Pictured to the right are the Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Democrats seem so hard pressed to locate regarding Iraq. It is a live action photo of Halabja, Iraq being attacked in 1988 with Weapons of Mass Destruction (chemical & biologic weapons). The genocidal attack was under the direct orders of Saddam Hussein & carried […]

Cold War 2.0: Brazil, Russia, India, China & Your Online Data

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Would you freely give your private information on Facebook, and other social media sites, to a foreign country? What if the information included your entire network of friends and was given to several foreign countries and foreign companies during War Time?   In April 2009, Russian Telecommunications Giant – Digital Sky Technology (DST) – bought […]